Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy (almost) Thanksgiving! My dad and aunt are arriving today, and the boys have already chosen their instruments for a family jam session. They’re handling the guitar and bongos, while I’m left with the plastic tambourine:) Hope you have a delicious week, and here are a few fun links from around the web…

“How I hosted Thanksgiving dinner in my 195-square-foot apartment.”

Critics are flipping out over Casey Affleck’s new movie.

Humans of New York is crushing it these days, as always.

Love the branding (and mission) of this underwear company.

There are only three types of friendships. Which are yours?

Rosy cheeks are on my holiday wishlist.

The joy of mucking around.

And the world’s coolest playgrounds. (I want to go here.)

Who’s up for pudding pie… or pumpkin pie crumble?

Ha, what great packaging!

If you’re in a pinch, remember this conversation starter around the Thanksgiving table. Plus, two other foolproof crowd questions are “What’s your irrational fear?” and “Who’s your celebrity crush?” (They always get good answers!)

Finally, here are seven crazy amazing sales:
* J.Crew is 40% off with code HOLIDAY
* Madewell is 25% off with code THATSALE (This is pretty.)
* Shopbop is up to 55% off with code GOBIG16 (Love these, and these always make a slamdunk gift.)
* LOFT is 50% off with code CYBERMONDAY
* Glossier is 20% off
* West Elm is up to 30% off with code MOREISMORE
* And Nordstrom is having a HUGE sale.

(Photo by James Ransom, recipe by Erin McDowell.)

  1. I came to NYC for the first time in my adult life and it was INCREDIBLE!! We are leaving today and I am so sad to leave. It was the best vacation.

  2. rxbars are yummy! my go to on the run emergency snack. and i love that they are whole30 approved so i can keep eating them even if i’m doing a whole30.

  3. I was just scrolling through the weekend edition and my boyfriend said
    “what are you reading?” and I said
    “oh it’s my friend’s blog” and then I laughed because we don’t know each other, but I’ve been reading for so long now that I feel like we’re friends.
    Thanks for being a friend, Joanna.

    • Joanna Goddard says...

      marisa, that made my whole day :) thank you :)

  4. Nicole says...

    Jo- I love your blog so much and I am so thankful to you and your team for the daily joy! I have to call out this friendship study though. The sample size is 67 people (too small) from ONE college campus. Then they start breaking results down by race so the sample is even less than 67! I would say this study at best, provides directional results. The reason I take issue with it is that we are talking so much about “false” news stories. It’s not just false news stories that are the problem. It’s taking small, bias groups as a sample pool like this and stating it as fact and not “a potential pattern to further investigate” for example. I challenge this link with lots of love for you!

    • Joanna Goddard says...

      thank you so much, nicole! you’re absolutely right.

  5. What a great idea to help break the ice at the dinner table. Wish I had read this earlier lol. Well I guess there’s always Christmas!

    Hope you’re having a wonderful Friday.

    xo Azu

  6. Kicking myself for buying JCrew jeans at full price last week, how could I forget those awesome Black Friday sales you guys have in the US!? Thank goodness for Thanksgiving.

    Am grateful for these links, as always Jo. Interesting reads ahead for the weekend!

  7. A D says...

    Maybe it’s worth warning people that the underwear website that is linked in this post is absolutely NSFW! This could get people into trouble. Seriously.

  8. Kaitlin says...

    Casey Affleck’s new movie takes place in my home town! MBTS! My HS friends and I are planning to see it over the holidays. I can’t wait to pick out all of the street corners! :)

    • That’s so cool! I can’t wait to see it… but I bet it’ll make me cry lol.

    • Joanna Goddard says...

      that’s incredible!!

  9. Katie Greenlaw says...

    RX bars do have great packaging, but are really great. They are our go to for traveling or a healthy snack while out and about.

  10. Jo,you really are a superstar, and I really do mean it.
    Humans of New York and Three types of friendship are really great article..The best gift for this thanksgiving was sharing the sales in and around.

  11. Happy Thanksgiving! Oh and hat pudding pie :) And the Humans of New York series with the old couple is so beautiful and sad at the same time. x Kati

  12. Ginelle says...

    happy thanksgiving, joanna & family :)!!
    i have been a huge fan of your blog ince my senior year of high school and just turned 24. you have been such a bright light and i appreciate you dearly! i have 1 more semester of grad school left and am pursuing a career as a special education teacher. you blog has provided so much inspiration these last few years. thank you for all that you do!

    with love & gratitude,

  13. Those playgrounds look amazing. One of my regrets is not going to the Tire Godzilla playground in Japan and the one in Hakone when we were there for 5 months. But, since we were both working 5-6 days a week…we didn’t make it. The playgrounds in Japan generally amazed us with roller slides, risk, and thrill. It’s pretty awesome.

  14. Julie says...

    Gosh I’m loving all the jewelry on Nisolo! Thank you!

  15. B says...

    Manchester By The Sea looks amazing!! I watched the trailer twice and nearly teared up, haha! Can’t wait for it to be released in Aus (unfortunately a few months away – babow *sad face*)

  16. Kirin says...

    Does the Nisolo code start tomorrow/Friday? Tried it out tonight and the website kept telling me it was an invalid code :\

  17. Foree says...

    Remember if you are going to shop on Friday please go to Patagonia ! They contribute 100% of their global sales to local environments non profits

  18. Aren’t you hosting Thanksgiving at your place, Jo? Good luck with all that cooking!!! Also, such a good sales! Thanks so much!

    • Joanna Goddard says...

      Thank you!! My aunt and I are planning the final menu right now! :)

  19. Lyn Ellen Burkett says...

    OK, Oddo Body has sparked a conversation: if they’re so concerned with women’s health and sexuality, why are all the models young and thin? It’s not a mission; it’s just another cheap marketing strategy, and I hope most women will be smart enough not to fall for it.

    • B says...

      Eeeppp agreed! 🙈

    • alice says...

      Yes!!! And why do none of the women on the website have any pubic hair????

  20. Candice says...

    My husband bought our 3 and 4 year olds their own real (kid sized) hammers. We have scrap wood from household projects set aside for them to use, they have to ask for nails, and they have access to safety glasses. We have some ground rules like the hammers never come in the house and you can only use the hammer on your own materials. My 4 year old is convinced he’s building a one seater airplane that will take off from our patio.

  21. Oh dear – that underwear looked fabulous but I can’t afford $40 for one pair. :( Hopefully, they get a good backing and are able to make them a wee bit more affordable for the modestly incomed folks like me! :)

    • Joanna Goddard says...

      agreed! i wish they were more like $10-15. i wonder what goes into their pricing; maybe they have a good reason for it…

    • Lydia Robins Hendrix says...

      I’m so with you- I think their mission *appears* noble, but if you truly want to make change for all women, you are not going to sell a product that is inaccessible to ALL women. By marketing to middle-upper class women, you are only seeking to “empower” an echelon of society that already has more power than other women.

    • Thank you so much for including us, Joanna, and, Erin, for your thoughtful comment. We know that $40 is a little high, but once we started developing the product we realized we couldn’t go any lower. Our priority was finding fabric that was not only functional, but felt SEXY. Though we tried to find that fabric domestically (turns out it’s really hard to find super delicate 100% cotton in the US), our beautiful, sheer fabric ended up coming from a small family run mill in Japan, which has a high price tag. Each pair of underwear also comes with a printed manual, which we tried to keep around the cost of normal packaging, but is a little more expensive and is a key part of what we’re trying to do… Finally, it was important to us to produce domestically which adds cost as well. We’re new and still working out the kinks (expect some packs of multiples for less), but promise our panties (and the little world we’re trying to create) are made with a lot of love :) You can also check out our Kickstarter page (where we launched) if you want the full spiel. I just added the link to our ABOUT page!

  22. Samantha says...

    Liked the article on friendships. I’m definitely a sampler. I think it has to do with me being an introvert and having an easier time bonding one-on-one than in a group.

  23. Aga says...

    Happy Thanksgiving to you ladies! xo

  24. I love that “type of friendships” article! I’m somewhere between a compartmentalizer and sampler. I like having different groups of friends not only who contribute different things, but also who come from various areas of my life (prior-lawyer life, entrepreneurs, childhood, family, in-law related, husband’s work, etc.) Thanks for the conversation starter ideas, too! I needed to think of something to bring up in case politics comes up.

  25. oh man, so much good stuff today! that pudding pie! and those rosy cheeks! i want it all.
    happy thanksgiving joanna and co!

    xo, brittany