8 Gorgeous Wedding Looks

What's Your Wedding Dress Style?

What's Your Wedding Dress Style?

What's Your Wedding Dress Style?

What kind of wedding dress would (or did) you wear? I went for a silk halter dress from J.Crew, which made me feel like a ballerina, and I love how brides these days can find a dress (or overalls!) that suits their personal style. Here are eight brides’ lovely looks…

The bride, above, wore a silk dress and turtleneck sweater to her wedding in Scotland. “I felt like myself, I could breathe,” she said. “The jumper was about keeping me warm. But it also served as a security blanket.”

Leather wedding dress Erica Cerulo

“I wanted a short dress with a sixties vibe, and I loved this leather one by Kaelen,” says Erica Cerulo from Of a Kind, who got hitched at City Hall in New York. “I wore it to our small ceremony in New York, and also to a party we threw for friends in Chicago a year later. The dress felt very me, but not something where my parents would look and say, ‘Wait, what’s happening? You’re doing what now?’ I’m thinking of getting it dyed gray now, which would make it super wearable.”

What's Your Wedding Dress Style?

This adorable bride, Nicole, wore glasses to her wedding at the Walker Art Center in Minneapolis.

What's Your Wedding Dress Style?

This couple, Nora and Gerard, got married on a snowy Valentine’s Day in New York. Relatives flew in from Ohio and Ireland for a nine-person ceremony and a steak dinner at Lafayette. “The cold weather felt very Irish,” says Gerard. “People stopped us on the sidewalk to congratulate us,” says Nora. “They were honking and clapping.” Nora’s pink skirt is from Watters, and her top is by Tibi.

What's Your Wedding Dress Style?

“We had a traditional Korean Paebaek ceremony at our wedding,” said Jenny, a designer from J.Crew, who changed from her sleek white dress into traditional Korean attire. “Our parents threw chestnuts and dates into my apron, which signifies how many children we will have. It turns out that Tim’s parents both have pretty good throws, so we’ll be having ten children — six boys and four girls! I had to close up the apron to prevent any more from getting in!”

What's Your Wedding Dress Style?

“Ana was my neighbor in Brooklyn,” says Amy. “When I first met her, I thought she was sweet and mellow. She casually mentioned she was a musician, and I was like, ‘Uh, huh, sure you are,’ because I tend to be judgmental like that. But then one weekend, I asked her to bring up her guitar from her apartment and play a few songs. I was a goner at that point.” When they got married in New Mexico, Ana wore a white suit with a black button-down shirt, and Amy wore a bridal gown in Champagne satin.

What's Your Wedding Dress Style?

Sophia and Isaac met their families at City Hall, where they did two wedding traditions: the jumping of the broom and the breaking of the glass. Her beautiful orange dress is vintage.

Thoughts? What’s your wedding dress style?

P.S. A casual NYC wedding, and 15 wedding dos and dont’s.

(Thank you for the turtleneck tip, Dienesa! Photo of bride in the turtleneck by Christopher Currie, via Love My Dress. Erica by Jamie Beck. Bride in glasses by Olive Juice Studios, via Style Me Pretty. Pink skirt photo by Sandy SooHoo, via New York. Amy and Ana by Leigh Miller via Stone Fox Bride. Sophia via Style Photo New York.)

  1. Love the last picture of wedding story !

  2. Ashleigh says...

    I wore a $200 red formal dress I bought online. I couldn’t imagine wearing white as I never ever wear white so this felt more me.

  3. Nora says...

    Hi Joanna! It’s Nora, bride #4 featured in this gorgeous story! Hooray, loved seeing this. =) I have long loved Cup of Jo, such a treat to see us here! Thanks! Ger and I are following up our civil ceremony with a wedding celebration this summer in Ireland with family and friends. I’ll be wearing the same skirt and it’s so rich in sentimental value, I can’t wait to wear it again!

  4. Emily says...

    Love those dresses, they are all so unique in their own way. Wish I were that daring on my own wedding, it’s so simple and crazy at the same time!

    – Emily

  5. I LOVE the idea of wearing something that’s not typical, but not too far in left field either. I think I like the idea of separates. It just seem more comfortable.

  6. I hung on to the old tradition of a white dress but with a slit! ;) I also had on a red cheongsam for the chinese tea ceremony which I love <3

  7. Carol says...

    I made my dress, cream colored cotton with a little puckery texture to it. It was a Vogue pattern, square neckline and a tiered skirt. I put a rose bud in my hair-I was 19 years old. I married a guitar player and we have been so happy for 40 years!

    • Molly says...

      What a sweet story.

  8. no mention of Erica Cerulo’s shoes? they steal the show! can we get some deets on those, please?

    • Bridget says...

      My thought exactly!!

  9. Mary says...

    I love these different styles! The year was 1986. I wore a white, tea length, long sleeved dress with lace on the bodice by Jessica McClintock, bought off the rack. My “veil” was a hair comb with fabric flowers and pearls. My bridal bouquet was 3 white roses with baby’s breath and ferns sprigs.

  10. Allison says...

    I just referenced the City Hall Overalls wedding the other day, so happy to see it pop up again! It’s my absolute favorite.

  11. i love wedding posts. while i lean towards very traditional details, i love seeing how people really add in their personalities to their special days

  12. I wore a full-length, sleeveless, Calvin Klein ivory sheath dress with a deep v-neck. After it became clear that a dress that was being custom-made was not going to work out – just three weeks before the wedding – I was in a slight panic. After a marathon web search, I found exactly what I had in mind at Macy’s. I ordered three sizes – just to be sure – one of which fit perfectly, no alterations needed!

  13. Dominika says...

    My husband and I decided to go with a red and white theme to symbolise Polish and English flags and I decided to wear a red strapless dress. It was so difficult to find it then but I managed to find one I really liked. I was going to get changed to a short dress for the evening but loved my gown so much that ended wearing it to both day time and night time.

  14. Maire says...

    I wore a strapless tea length white dress w/ olive/golden stripes from Anthropologie for my ceremony (that I got on clearance!) And then I wore a blush and gold maxi dress from ModCloth for my reception. Wearing a big formal dress sounded uncomfortable to me. Although I did covet a Carrie Bradshaw style tulle skirted ballet backed dress from BHLDN for a time.