Have a Lovely Weekend.

California coast

What are you up to this weekend? We’re loving this warm weather and are hoping to go to Rockaway Beach for a little run-around on the sand. We’re also going to this new restaurant, which I’m excited to try. Finally, I am counting the seconds until the Bachelor finale on Monday (THE TRAILER IS INSANE!). Meanwhile, here are a few fun links from around the web…

Jokes I tell myself to stave off an emotional breakdown.

Our boys love this sweet book, and so do I.

Holy chocolate peanut butter tart.

Seven things you didn’t know about Fargo. (The last one is nuts!)

Five questions that allowed a dad to eat dinner with his kids.

Cute boyfriend shirt.

Flowchart: Should you mention how tired you are?

A case for small talk.

On finding a uniform.

What an awesome poster.

Pop quiz! How do you make these 11 words plural?

Oh, hey, Mom wants to know if you’ll be free if she visits 14 months from now.

Great idea for Easter eggs.

Plus, three past Cup of Jo posts you may have missed:
* Toby goes on a date.
* Hosting an articles club.
* 15 career tips from smart women.

(Photo by Kendra Smoot)

  1. Heather says...

    I LOVE that flowchart. I want to hang it on my fridge. Shockingly, I had to tell my husband that I did not want to hear how tiiiiiiiiired he was every single morning (due to his insomnia) when I was breastfeeding a small infant and working full time as an attorney. And up all night too. GAH! It’s like some people just missed that day of kindergarden/grade school where you learn to just be a normal, decent human being. Luckily, we have it sorted out now! ;)

  2. Your blog is like a whiff of the outside from my little work cubicle! Thanks for that. :)

    Come and take a whiff of my little work cubicle! (I know it doesn’t sound great but you’ll like it!) –>

  3. Lanyding says...

    What a beautiful and polished sea!

  4. I’m a long-time lurker and harly-ever commenter. Joanna, I love your blog. Your weekend links brighten my weekend. And your honest voice has been a guide through my 20s (now heading to marriage). Thank you!

  5. Happy Sunday! I loved seeing the boys pic all ready for your beach trip:) Yesterday was our day of out n about and today is definitely our lazy Sunday (Luna loves this book called Pepper & Poe which ends with them loving Sundays so she always says Mama & Luna love Sundays…).

    I did not dare click on the Bachelor link because we watch the episodes a week later on the ABC app so we’re still waiting for the Tell-All to be unlocked. I’ve been checking it sporadically all day today hoping the time change would cause them to inadvertently unlock it! HAHAHA! So tomorrow we will finally be able to watch the Tell-All while you’re watching the finale! I am Team JoJo!

    Hope you have a great week!

    xo Lendy

  6. I’ve read your articles club and have always thought it was such a good idea. Maybe someday I’ll gather enough mamas and start one with them! Have a great weekend :)

  7. Gosh, I’ve always loved Sitten Kitchen recipes, but this tart recipe just made me fall in love with her even more! Thanks for the share.

  8. Your blog is always so refreshing! I love the links, as always :)

  9. Heather says...

    Gah – I’m not really a commenter but I feel compelled to tell you how great and useful your blog is. That peanut butter tart is delicious – so glad I know about it.

    • Laura says...

      Totally agree with you on “busy.” Everyone is tired and busy dammit.

  10. nora says...

    I too love the weekly roundups, not only are they always a mix of light, funny pieces, with some more intellectual material and a few shopping pieces here and there, I find that some time during the week I always share pieces of info (like how to survive after falling in ice) these interesting tidbits keeps us well rounded (tehe) and have my friends giving me that ‘wait how do you know this stuff’ look!

  11. Ashley says...

    I bought The Storm Whale for my daughter last year! We both love it! What a beautiful story and illustrations. I hope to introduce it to my son (16 months today!) soon – but he seems best with board books right now!

  12. Joanna,

    I must tell you that I always look forward to these “Have a Lovely Weekend” posts. Whenever they pop up on my blogger feed, I feel a boost of happiness because my mind knows it’s officially Friday.

    The links you shared on the uniform, small talk, and 5 essential questions are great. I’d much rather read interesting articles, gaining new knowledge and perspective than go to a bar on a Friday night.


    • TK says...

      I agree. It’s like, woohoo, Friday! and oh, woohoo, acupofjo links! 👍🏻

  13. How did i miss toby goes on a date post! Also i love uniforms, it’s liberating :)


  14. I really enjoy these weekly link roundup posts, you always seem to shed light on the most interesting corners of the Internet!

  15. I have a similar uniform- black long sleeved t-shirt, skinny jeans or leggins black boots. Would love to know what jeans she wears. It’s difficult to find stylish and comfortable.

  16. Elizabeth says...

    Will you please do a bachelor post after Monday?? Who do you think he’ll choose?!

    • Joanna Goddard says...

      omg i would love to! i think the blonde, but i’m rooting for jojo. it’s going to be so intense! they are all taking it so much more seriously than usual. it’s so addictive.

    • Joanna Goddard says...

      i can’t believe i just said “the blonde.” what is this show doing to me???? #iswearimafeminist

    • Laura says...

      Lol @Joanna – you can’t be perfect all the time!

    • Elizabeth says...

      Haha! I feel the same way. As I’m watching I feel horrified at how backwards it all seems but I just can’t look away!

    • Laura C says...

      Yo también Alina! :) (me too Alina!)
      Have a great weekend

  17. yael steren says...

    I’m loving the warm weather also! In fact I just wrote a blog post and the first line is how happy I am that it’s warming up!! As for my weekend plans, I am going to be working and then also go home to NJ to visit my parents!! Should be fun!! Have a wonderful weekend and enjoy the weather! xx yael

  18. I love your Friday round ups. Like so many people have commented I too have a sort of uniform. Here in France the winters are cool and my uniform is a black cashmere turtleneck with skinny jeans, I do vary this with a perhaps black jeans sometimes or a grey turtleneck, but in essence it is the same look, just a slight mix-up. But now, it’s mid March and Spring is in the air and I need to start to look for a spring uniform as the cashmere is getting too warm, and then soon a summer one! Have a fabulous weekend.

  19. Joanna,
    I love the link regarding a uniform. I feel we all do this on some level. Check out Caroline’s blog, Unfancy. She originally posted about dressing with a capsule wardrobe, she is back writing about dressing in a uniform and is interested in slow fashion and its makers. Have a great weekend.

  20. SummerLily says...

    I love the idea of finding a uniform!

  21. I love the Toby date – so cute and funny :) this weekend, most importantly, I will be starting and finishing season 4 of House of Cards.

  22. Colleen says...

    I so want to get that cactus print. Hmmm…where to put it? I read the 5 Whys and am dismayed that the authors traced the blame to their two young children taking too long to get dressed in the morning as the reason they didn’t have dinner together. At those ages the kids need prompts and direction so can’t bear the full responsibility of that issue. And of course, we all need to plan for the spontaneous dancing, style switch-ups and necessary sword fights!! : )

    • Amy P says...

      I found the article detailing how they determined what was throwing their day off-track really good. I didn’t think it sounded like they were blaming the kids at all, just that they found the part of the day that wasn’t going smoothly and causing everything else to go wonky, and they found a solution. A great reminder that solutions sometimes require a little more digging to really fix a problem.

  23. Emilie says...

    I love the Uniform article. I’m leaning towards that but my only issue is the perception that people have as to if I have clean clothes (and took a shower) or not, if all they see is the same clothes everyday…? What do you guys think of that?

  24. Lindsay says...

    I love it when you share your favorite clothes and shoes. I found a great pair of booties on your website!

  25. Enjoy your weekend! Have a beautiful time. We’re putting offers in on homes in Seattle, so your emotional breakdown bit is helpful! ;)

    I did a little post on natural, cruelty-free skincare on my blog today. I really enjoyed your own blog post about skincare from a little while back! Cheers!

  26. Amber says...

    We love the Storm Whale! It actually served as inspiration for my two toddler boys’ Halloween costumes last year. Two fishermen. We read it EVERY night.

  27. Steph B says...

    Aaaaah! Love the cactus print! We’re moving from San Diego to Las Vegas and instead of crying about our loss of greenery, I am embracing the desert landscape by decorating our new home as a homage to the beauty of the southwest. I’m going with a minimalist mid century design with sunset metallic colors and pops of bright color to reflect the barren beauty of the desert. The cactus print you shared also has a sister print that is black and white and pulled farther out and it’s a dream. I’m also in love with some large print muted cactus wallpaper I found. Thanks for sharing such beautiful design ideas.

  28. I am so glad you found The Storm Whale. As I clicked on the link, I thought, “Hey, I should tell her about The Storm Whale, she’d probably like that book too” and then it popped up! I found it almost a year ago and love it; it’s my go-to gift for kids and parents now. I am going to order his new book for my son’s birthday-“Grandad’s Island” I think it’s called? Supposedly very sweet in dealing with losing a grandparent.

  29. I refresh your page until I see the weekend round-up! It means Saturday is so close!