Thin Gold Bangles

Trio of Bangles

For the past ten, maybe twenty years, I’ve worn a black hair elastic on my wrist (exhibits A, B, C, D…) I have it on as I type this very post!

But the other day, I went to lunch with a friend, and she was wearing a very thin gold bangle. It looked so graceful, as she moved her arms from her wine glass to the bread basket. Now I’m inspired to upgrade. Here are five lovely versions: charm, crisscross, geometric, thin and turquoise.

Thoughts? Which do you like?

P.S. Initial necklaces, and a secret trick.

(Photo above of a trio of bangles from Of a Kind.)

  1. Colette Brown says...

    I’m sure someone has already commented, but just in case… you’ll have to check out these:

    I’ve never used them, but a friend bought one to wear for a few weddings she attended last summer… so genius.

    Enjoy! (PS. Also writing this with a black elastic on my wrist haha)

    X Colette

    • Heather says...

      I was going to post the same link. I dropped hints for my husband last Christmas, but I’m still sporting my plain old black hair tie.

  2. Beck says...

    Girl you need some BitterSweet. They’re bangles that have an indent to hold your hair elastic, so you can wear the elastic and have a classy looking bangle as well. Practical and stylish.

  3. For year and years I used to always wear a rubber band or three around my right wrist, which is in the same universe as a hair tie, but I recently got a tattoo of a line of text around my wrist that’s almost exactly the same width as the rubber band was and it’s gratifying in many of the same ways. (In case you’re looking for a more permanent, elegant solution…)

  4. Oh I love bangles!! I think they make such a finishing touch to an outfit. I quiet like the sound they make too as you move your arm about.
    My fav is probably the classic thin one. Chuck a few of those babies on and you would be looking totally chic!

    Love your blog! A real enjoyable read. Would love for you to check out my new blog if you get a chance :)

    Look forward to reading more from you in the future :)

  5. Gabriella says...

    This reminds me of when my sister and I went to South Africa and visited friends of friends. The hostess had an incredible tan and the only thing gracing her wrists was a set of two (or three? I can’t remember) thin silver bangles. I decided then and there that it was one of the most sleek, understated pieces of accessories a woman could own and I still think back on it 5+ years after seeing it.
    (Meaning – yes, go for it! :))

  6. Oh, I am definitely the type that wears hairbands as bracelets. I have such tiny wrists – any bracelets I wear fall off anyways. Which is sad, because these gold bangles are beautiful!

    Mariam | The Petite Bijou

  7. Leah says...

    Love these bangles, but, Jo, you need an upgrade on your hair ties :) I make my own from elastic that I buy on the internet. I’ll give you a supply next time I see you. xo

  8. Do you type? (hint: yes). But those gold bangles do look GREAT next to a keyboard.

  9. Amy says...

    i love the look of the thin elastic on the wrist, its very care free and unassuming. Plus, how nice does it feel when you go to put your hair up and its always there. Or the feeling you get when someone else wants a hair tie and boom you got it covered for them. Maybe that’s just me :)

  10. I’m an elastic wearer too :) Other than that, I wear my fitbit and a watch. That’s it. Loose, clanging bracelets irritate me. besides they interfere with me moving my mouse :)

  11. Marney says...

    Love it! My wrists are oddly small, so I rarely am able to find bracelets that don’t fall off.

  12. Ella says...

    this is hilarious! loved the photos… love when we recognise the things we do in an endearing way! xxx

  13. Thin and geometric!

  14. jen says...

    I’m a elastic wearer. I have a gold band from Kate Spade, but it is annoying when I have it on and cant wait to remove it.

  15. i hate constantly having a hair elastic around my wrist, but i literally feel empty when i need one and can’t find one there. just can’t win!