Beautiful Quilts

Duomo in Florence by Nicole Franzen

I recently came across Caroline Z. Hurley‘s beautiful textiles on Instagram and was immediately enamored. Her new collection was inspired during a trip to Florence, Italy. “I loved the Duomo,” she told me. “One day I sat outside and drew all the shapes for hours. I can’t believe that a thing that old can feel so fresh and modern. It really blows my socks off.”

How lovely is the quilt, below? It would look so pretty hung on a wall. “You can really do whatever you want with them,” Caroline explained. “I remember the first block-printed throw I sold was to a woman who wore it as a massive scarf!” See the full collection here.

Beautiful Quilts

P.S. Beautiful baby quilts and 16 jollifiers to make you smile.

(Duomo photo by Nicole Franzen.)

  1. Those one for one quilts…. they are beautiful!!! <3

  2. I actually saw this on your Instagram the other day and was immediately in love with the design. It really is beautiful and I will definitely be getting my hands on one soon!


  3. I love when quilters use architecture for inspiration. Ties that quilt back to something and memories. In the coming months I plan to make some quilts inspired by my recent trip to San Francisco.

  4. My mother-in-law loves making quilts and part of me loves the homey feeling of them, but the other part wishes for something more modern in our apartment. This is an amazing way to get both!

  5. Sydni says...

    I was expecting a lot more when I saw the picture of the building. Doesnt seem to me like the rectangles represent that intricate architecture.

    • jen says...

      I thought the same thing. I remember staring at the Duomo and thinking how modern it looked.

  6. These are gorgeous. I have a few simple quilts I’ve made, hanging in my home, and I love the way they soften the walls. Thank you for sharing this creative inspiration!

  7. olma says...

    The Duomo does not look fresh or modern! It looks clean.

    • jen says...

      Hmmm, for some reason, I thought of Frank Lloyd Wright when I saw it, maybe the lines?

  8. I like that pillow on the bottom left. The colors are so intriguing. And who doesn’t love the Duomo? I never get tired of looking at that!
    My daughter has a scarf that’s as big as a blanket–it’s the cool look among teen French girls.

  9. Such a modern yet playful style, I love it! These would look perfect in a childs room as well! We have a quilt hung on the wall as art in my toddlers room!


  10. I love to catch a glimpse of artist’s behind-the-scenes inspiration.

    I actually just wrote on what creativity looks like scientifically. Fascinating stuff.

    Vis à Vis

  11. Alice Quin says...

    Soooo beautiful. You always find the best stuff.

  12. great post !!!! love it when you feature work made my artisans.

    also, AMAZING choice of photo.

  13. Candice says...

    A friend of mine gifted us two baby quilts she’d made herself. They are so lovely and wonderful and my kids adore them. When we’d decided on a French name for our daughter, my friend backed her quilt in this fabric that looks like the wallpaper from the French tapestries and textiles exhibit at The Getty Center in LA. I still swoon when I tuck my little girl into bed at night :)

  14. I love when quilting hits the mainstream! It’s such a fulfilling hobby personally. Her work is gorgeous <3

  15. I love quilts! I always wanted to learn how to sew! We got two quilts from two different people for our wedding and they are still a couple of my favorite gifts.