Have a Wonderful Weekend.

Martin Luther King Jr, 1956

What are you up to this holiday weekend? We’re thinking of taking a little trip to Philly either this weekend or next, and we would be grateful for any recommendations. (This place looks great.) Also, have you seen The Big Short? It was fantastic. So funny, smart and fast-paced. Hope you have a good one, and here are a few fun links from around the web…

This guy is going places.

I just realized I’ve been wearing this bra every day for EIGHT YEARS. (It’s comfy, smooth, and the underwire never pops out.)

Welcome to the neighborhood.

My new favorite fashion site.

How Jerry Seinfeld, George Clooney and Martha Stewart got their starts.

How cute is this duck hook?

My wife and I are both pregnant.” (LOVED this.)

A woman takes in a Syrian refugee as a lodger and shares her story. (“What does he make of my bourgeois life? He does not appreciate the middle-class obsession with sanded floorboards.”)

This book made me smile.

10 ways you’re making your life harder than it has to be.

31 crazy-strict flight attendant beauty standards.

Snap! Pete Wells knocks Per Se down to two stars in the New York Times.

Wishlisting this cozy winter sweater.

(Photo of Martin Luther King Jr. and Coretta Scott King, 1956. 10 things and Per Se links via Kottke.)

  1. I just ordered the Duck Hook and I’m so excited about it :) We desperately need more places to throw heavy winter jackets. Thanks for sharing!

  2. ashley says...

    Try Bud and Marilyn’s. It’s new and delicious!

  3. Ashley H says...

    Philadelphia is such a great city, I never knew I’d love it as much as I do! Every one made such great recommendations already, but I thought I’d chime in, too.

    Zahav (Old City) – you’ll 100% need a reservation, I’d look sooner rather than later as Saturday & Sunday reservations are hard to come by last minute. As many said above, if you are staying downtown, go to their sister restaurant, Dizengoff. Many have mentioned Pizza Brain (Fishtown), which is a great alternative to Beddia, but if you can get Joe’s pizza – do it. It’s worth every penny and the wait. Johnny Brenda’s is right next door and is a great place to wait and grab a drink – kid friendly, too. If the vibe at JB’s isn’t your thing, Fette Sau and Frankford Hall are also fun. Frankford Hall stocks their tables with games, which could keep the kids nice and busy while you wait! Every one will endlessly recommend La Colombe, but they’re not as special as they once were. Try Elixr (Center City), Reanimator (Fishtown), or Rival Brothers (Fitler Square) for true Philadelphia roasted coffee. Grab a delicious, hot bagel at the newly opened Philly Style Bagels (Fishtown) or get an amazing meal any time of day at High Street on Market (Old City). Cheu Noodle Bar was also mentioned, though I’d warn that the spot is small and the wait is usually long; if the kids are patient, then I’d recommend waiting – their ramen is terrific. Stargazy (East Passyunk) is a newish British hand pie spot and is so tasty! Reading Terminal Market (Chinatown/Center City) is a must see, though eating there may prove to be intense as it’s such a tourist destination. Walking through is fun, Beiler’s is always raved about, but the true best donuts are from Frangelli’s Bakery (South Philly) – this isn’t very convenient to get to though.

    The Barnes Museum (Rittenhouse, kind of) really is a must, we’re so lucky to call it our own here in Philadelphia. Buy tickets in advance, as many mentioned. Curtis Institute of Music (Rittenhouse) offers FREE concerts, it’s worth looking in to. I know I read a recommendation for the Love Letter Train tour – this is so worth it and it’s a safe, easy way to see so much of Philadelphia and, of course, something that Philadelphia is proud of. Ice Skating is offered at Penn’s Landing (Old City) and is reasonable at about $13/pp; this is also the historic part of the city.

    There’s a Philly Phlash bus, it’s the easiest and most cost effective way of seeing a ton and getting from point A to B. We only have 2 metro systems, but if you’re interested in getting to Old City or Fishtown, where many of the recommendations above are, it’s super easy and cheap.

  4. Jade says...

    Hi Joanna,

    First, I’ve recently started reading your blog this past year and it’s become a part of my daily morning routine so thank you for always having such inspiring content up!

    I lived and Philly for 6 years and it still has my heart – here are a few of my recommendations:
    -El Vez in Rittenhouse Square: They have the best frozen margaritas and caramelized cheese dip
    -Rittenhouse Square in general: It’s the more high end area of Philly with so many great stores and restaurants. The Rittenhouse park is a favorite for walking through and impromptu picnics.
    -Duross & Langel: This small shop has the best homemade soap and body wash I’ve ever used. You can check out their website online but if you ‘re in the area, it’s a real treat to go in and be able to smell each of the handmade & individually wrapped soaps (Violet, Cucumber, & Thai Tea are a few of my favorites). They make a Horny Drunken Goat Soap every Christmas so I will make that drive every year just so I can go into the shop and pick some up (sorry wallet).
    -Jose Pistola: Just experienced this recently and they have the most delicious and unique nachos & guacamole. One example is their korean style nachos.
    -City Tap House: Over 50 craft beers on tap, and fire pits outside – enough said.
    -The Dandelion: This is my favorite Steven Starr restaurant. You feel like you’ve stepped into a London pub when you go here. All their selections are delicious but I like to go with friends to do a fancy cheeseboard and tea.
    -Del Frisco’s: It’s pricey but it’s the best steak and calamari you’ll ever have. Super swanky place.
    -City Hall just opened up an ice-rink in front of it so you and the family can get some ice skating time in with City Hall as the backdrop.
    -Reading Terminal Market: This is truly an experience and you’ll want to eat and buy everything here.
    -Vintage: It’s a restaurant bar that has a great wine selection.
    -Frankford Hall: Outdoor beer garden with heaters and Jenga.
    -Miel Patisserie: In Rittenhouse Square and in my opinion, has the best macaroons and tea.
    -University City: Drexel University and UPenn’s campus are here. It’s a nice walk through to see the city college life, and they also have a bunch of restaurants and shops in U-City.
    -Comcast Building: It’s an odd suggestion but the Comcast building has the coolest holograms in the main lobby that you can go in and see.
    -Love Park: For your obligatory picture in front of the Love Park sign.

    I threw a lot of suggestions at you but if nothing else, I highly recommend Duross & Langel, and The Dandelion. I hope you all have a wonderful time in Philly and I look forward to seeing a post on it!


  5. Em says...

    Echoing others’ Philly suggestions for Zahav and Federal Donuts. Zahav is a must. So is a stroll through the Italian Market – especially with a stop at Di Bruno Bros. for some cheese tasting. The Magic Gardens are great, and it’s always fun to take a trip to one of the few brick-and-mortar Terrain shops while you’re there!

  6. love finding a great quality bra that will last for years! such a rare find

  7. Alex says...

    Hi, there. I feel very stupid for what follows but I’ve been looking for something for a while on the website and I start really doubting about my sanity so if, by chance, you had the time to answer me, that would be wonderful. I’m pretty sure that you published once a post referencing a painting of a woman in a swimsuit (or a towel). And that was really beautiful. For some reason, this picture is stuck in my head but Ican’t find the post any longer. Is any possibility you would remember it? I’d totally understand that you had better to do than replying to me but as I said, I keep looking for it and can’t find it so I thought this was worth a try. Thanks, anyway…

  8. Lisa says...

    Come on down to Philly, my beloved hometown of more years than I care to admit! In all seriousness, I have two boys approximately the same ages as yours, so I think I’m a pretty good judge of things to do. So many great recommendations already! I would add:

    A (free) recital at the Wanamaker Organ in Macy’s (Wanamaker’s) in Center City: It is a sight to behold (and hear) and it just so happens that the shoe department is right nearby! It is also very close to Reading Terminal (listen to me – get Beiler’s doughnuts!) and Chinatown, so you could easily combine a noon show (1/23 at noon is specifically for kids) with lunch there.

    A mural tour. A really fun way to see the city and will get you to some neighborhoods you may not otherwise see. It looks as if the Love Letter Train Tour may be the only one offered in Jan. I’ve never done the tour, just taken the el myself – they are seriously sweet.

    Fireman’s Hall Museum ( – the boys will love it, guaranteed. Also near this rockin’ toy shop ( And Franklin Fountain for decadent ice cream (

    Smith Playground is really amazing – bundle up!

    Hop Sing Laundromat if you and Alex are able to sneak out for a drink. Perhaps after dinner at Vietnam ( or really anywhere, there are truly so many great options.

    Have so much fun!

  9. I hope you got to try Pizzeria Beddia! If not, it’s worth a trip back, I promise.

  10. Carmen B. says...

    10 ways you’re making your life harder.
    I do some of that :-(

  11. Amanda says...

    If you go to Philly (I live here), you absolutely MUST eat at Zahav. It is an Israeli restaurant and hands down my favorite restaurant of all time. Impeccable service and the tasting menu is a STEAL.

  12. Amanda says...

    Grew up in Philly and my parents are still there.

    Can’t recommend Reading Terminal Market enough. Everyone will be happy with lots of food choices.
    Please Touch Museum is a bit inconvenient with a downtown stay but absolutely worth it. Plan to be there nearly all day with the kids. Truly worth it. Kids also will love the Ben Franklin House and his print shop. There’s an underground museum with info on the Continental Congress, a neat light up puppet sort of theater, his inventions and a chance to see things printed in the print shop. Probably more engaging and less busy than some of the other Constitutional History (Independence Hall, Constitution Center, Liberty Bell, etc.) places.
    Franklin Institute is wonderful but probably better appreciated when your kids are a bit older. I’m a big fan of the Academy of Natural Sciences but your kids might be a bit jaded with the MoNH.
    Stay away from Pat’s and Gino’s. Frankly not very good at all. My favorite cheese steak is not downtown – Chubby’s in Roxborough. If you’re downtown, Jim’s on South Street is pretty good but do NOT get ‘wiz. Despite what everything that stereotypes us says, most of us do not eat ‘wiz. Go with American cheese and choose onions, peppers or sauce based on what you like. ‘wit means with onions, peppers and sauce – just say what you want so you get it clearly.

    Brunch is awesome but includes a wait if you are late at Honey’s Sit ‘N Eat and at Sabrina’s.

    Art Museum and the Barnes collection are also amazing. They used to do a free admission before a certain time on Sunday mornings. Nice way to do it with kids so you don’t worry about only seeing a fraction of it. Then go outside the Art Museum (you can walk up there from the Barnes) and you can do the steps and pretend to be Rocky or go behind the museum and down the hill and walk by the Schuykill (pronounced sch-ooo-kill) River on a fantastic path. Good chance to get kids outside and run around time.

    Have fun!

  13. Rachael says...

    You should try a Philadelphia CityPASS. I bet your boys would love the Please Touch Museum, zoo and aquarium. It’s a great city! Putting The Big Short on my to watch list. Thanks!

  14. Lisa says...

    Im not sure I would agree those flight attendant rules are so “crazy”.. Some yes, but being able to reach a certain hight is required to do their job. And looking neat, clean, not having visible tattoos.. Those rules don’t sound so crazy in that field.

  15. janelle says...

    yep, those calvin klein bras are my favorite too!

  16. Julia says...

    I live abroad but Philly will always be home! Since I only get to visit once a year, these are my carefully planned, all-time favorites:
    I second all recc’s for DiNic’s and Tony Luke’s. The real best Philly sandwich is roast pork with broccoli rabe and provolone.
    If you find yourself in Fishtown, the La Colombe there is the best, they offer tours of the distillery and coffee lab and have a beautiful pizza oven too. Little Baby’s Ice Cream is only a few blocks away. Their flavors are so fun and surprising – if your’e feeling brave try the earl grey sriracha.
    Vedge is incredible, if you can get a table. Their wine list is great. If it’s too busy to squeeze in a meal there, try V Street – same owners, more casual concept.
    Ardmore’s Tired Hands brewery is a little out of the way but fantastic beer – see if you can get it on draft around town (Alla Spina will have some).
    For kiddos, absolutely the Franklin Institute is a win, their Imax features are great and the brain playground is a blast. I think your guys might be too young for the Mutter Museum, although it’s good creepy fun for adults!

  17. Nora says...

    We love staying at the Monaco a Kimpton hotel. They have a complimentary wine hour for their guests in their fabulous lobby.
    Talula’s Garden is a restaurant with great ambiance and excellent food. Also, the Dandelion Pub for drinks or brunch, it’s a very quaint British pub. Finally, Amada for tapas. For the kids, the Franklin Institute with a huge model heart that you can walk through. The Philadelphia Art Musuem. Philly has a wonderful restaurant scene and and so many cultural activities for adults and kids alike. Enjoy and can’t wait to read about your Philly adventure.

  18. Alina says...

    Ahhhh!!! That is the BEST bra!!! I’m with you!

  19. I scanned through some of the comments and wished that I had seen these before our trip to Philly last weekend! We loved the touristy Independence Hall and Liberty Bell. In the winter there is no wait and it’s very inspiring. Reading Terminal is fun- get the Amish donuts! Also, the Magic Gardens is an amazing spot- Google it to get an idea for it, but in person it’s even more…well, magical.

  20. Annelise Smith says...

    The best cheesteaks are actually at a small shop called Dalessandro’s in East Falls part of Philly (even Jimmy Fallon goes there!). My favorite place for brunch is Fitler Dining Room. It’s small, but I’ve somehow always managed to get a table even during peak brunch times.

    PS – Pizza Brain isn’t that great- it’s small and is hardly a museum, I wouldn’t take kids there.

  21. Ange says...

    Go to Vedge in Philly. Even if you are not a vegetarian (I’m not) it is sooooo good. And get the rutabega fondue.

  22. Steph B says...

    Regarding those flight attendants…Oh NO! It is not 1950 anymore. I recently read that our first impression of people is based on their authenticity and their strength; can we trust them and are they caring. Acne, nylons (I shudder), and lip gloss do not come to mind when I consider those things. I’ve been thinking about shaving the side of my head above my ear lately but I’m also about to start touring preschools for my 3 year old daughter and before I read that article I was up in the air because I didn’t want to give the wrong impression. After that article I am making my salon appointment. It’s time to crumble these ridiculous stereotypes and I’ll start with a tiny side shave. :-) Thanks for the article!

  23. So many great places to eat in philly!
    My recommendations:
    -federal donuts
    -rival brothers (get the toast)
    -high street on market (for breakfast- get the ginger yogurt)
    -alla spina (they have a daily poutine)
    -reading terminal market
    -la colombe coffee (i like the one near city hall- lattes + cold brew on tap)
    -cheu noodles (casual, fun, everything on the menu is great)
    -continental (it’s classic)
    -kyber pass pub (bar + food + movies)
    -russet (nice byob resturant)
    -Vedge (vegetarian everything)

    Things to do:
    -Mutter Museum
    -Barnes Foundation (GET TICKETS BEFOREHAND)
    -Eastern State Penitentiary
    -Liberty Bell
    -Elfreth’s Alley

  24. Emily says...

    Joanna I am an ex-NYer but my husbands job brought us down to Philly. Things you must see/do:

    Barnes Museum is an absolute

    Zahav is one of my favorite restaurants
    Amis if you’re in the mood for pasta
    Please Touch if you have the boys with you

    Parc is good just don’t go in comparing it to Pastis ;)

    Are you considering a move????

    If you want the cosiest little French bistro-esque that’s also BYOB go to Cochon

    Take advantage of our other amazing BYOs as well!!

  25. Jenny says...

    Pizzeria Vetri definitely has the best pizza! It tastes like pizza in Italy. Philly is my adopted hometown, and I love it. Rittenhouse Square is lovely and a great place for kids to run around. Other favorite restaurants are: Dandelion (18th and Samson), 20 Manning, and Parc.

  26. Alexandra says...

    Yay Philly! I love our weird, sweet, sometimes cranky little city. :) I’m biased towards my own hood, but South Philly is where it’s at! Noord, Laurel, and Towsend are all incredible places to eat, and E Passyunk in general is great for strolling and shopping off the beaten path. For the kiddos, the Please Touch Museum and Smith Playground are tops. Zahav and Marrakesh are also phenomenal places to eat in center city, and Franklin Park has a great playground complete with carousel and mini golf. Uwishunu and Wee Wander are my go-to blogs for finding fun things to do. Hope you guys have a wonderful visit!

  27. I know you have tons of great Philly recommendations already but here’s a few of my faves:
    -Reading Terminal is a given!
    -Crime & Punishment – Brewery and eastern european grub like stellar pieogies!! Always good art up on the walls.
    -Honest Tom’s – tasty tacos and burritos – try the sweet potato burrito!
    -Jinxed thrift/vintage stores- there’s a few locations but they have amazing wares and odd and ends
    -Eastern State penitentiary – very good tour
    -The Franklin Institute – great science museum
    -Magic Gardens – breath taking exteriors/interiors with mirror mosaics and unique gallery on South Street
    -One shot coffee – cozy coffee cafe with unique twists on your usual caffeinated drinks
    -Various boutiques and shops on 2nd street in old city

    Enjoy! I lived in Philly for a long time and just moved to LA. I miss that city dearly!

  28. Also, breakfast or brunch: Morning Glory cafe is delicious. Theyve got this berry biscuit- it is amazing. Beau Monde is also great if you like crepes cause there’s the option to make your own.

  29. Jess says...

    If you’re in Philly, Max Brenner’s is a restaurant specializing in anything chocolate. SOOO GOOD

  30. Shira says...

    You and your family will love Reading Terminal Market!

  31. Do it! Philly: The Please Touch Museum for the kiddos, The Barnes Foundation for art, Federal Donuts for a cheesesteak alternative. Fishtown or South Philly for some Brooklyn flair, Rittenhouse Square for quintessential Philadelphia strolling, shopping, people watching and main stream fine dining.

  32. Janell says...

    Pub & Kitchen
    Johnny Brenda’s

    • Janell says...

      And Sabrina’s for brunch. Two locations…Italian market is cuter.

  33. Jenica Rose-Stine says...

    My husband is from Philadelphia. I love to go to Reading Terminal Market when we go up to visit his family. There’s like 100 booths with all sorts of different food – just about everything you can imagine! It’s so fun to walk through there and try different things. It’s a foodies dream!

  34. Amy says...

    Philly ideas: The Arms and Armor collection at the Philadelphia Museum of Art is AWESOME! The Franklin Institute is particularly good if the weather is bad; it’s a good place for kids to let off some steam. Do not miss the Reading Terminal Market, especially the Amish section. Enjoy!

  35. Maria in Maine says...

    I so enjoy your blog. My husband ,his buddies and our girls are watching the Patriots and I’ve snuck downstairs to enjoy your Friday round up. Thank you…winter is so much better with cup of Joe.

  36. Prippy Handbook says...

    SO many Philly recs… because it is amazing. The Barnes Museum is my favorite. Pizza Brain and Little Baby’s Ice Cream are fantastic for kiddos (although a bit out of the way!). The Italian Market is incredible… HIGHLY recommend it and make sure you grab a cannoli at Isgros. I could go on and on… it is such an amazing city. Have a wonderful visit!

  37. jennifer says...

    Definitely try Federal Donuts! Zahav is amazing and Shane Confectioners is one of the oldest chocolatiers in the country.
    Fox Books is an adorable bookshop and there are a lot of charming shops in that area.
    Have fun!

  38. 10 ways you’re making your life harder is brilliant. And so true.

  39. Sarah Spagnoli says...

    Go to Dizengoff! It’s a hummus restaurant by the guy behind Zahav, one of Philly’s most famous restaurants. Just a little order at the counter spot serving the best hummus and pita you’ll ever eat. Plus, it’s across the street from Federal Donuts so…dessert.

  40. Sarah says...

    The Per Se review is so mean spirited. Not impressed with it at all.

  41. yael steren says...

    Have so much fun in Philly!! I went to Penn undergrad and I miss it there!! There are actually a ton of great restaurants in Center City. I am sure a lot of them have changed since I went to undergrad but you really can’t go wrong!! And walking around on south street is super fun! Enjoy! xx yael

  42. Go to Zahav! Incredible Israeli food. Have a lovely trip!!

  43. Maria says...

    Check out Pizza Brain in Fishtown! Not only do they serve amazingly unique and delicious pizzas, but the shop itself is also a pizza museum. And, bonus, there’s an attached ice cream shop as well. Enjoy Philly!

  44. Sara says...

    If you come into Philly it’s definitely worth a side trip into Lancaster. The farmland and Amish attractions are beautiful and fun (especially for little ones- the historic Strasburg steam engine is great!) but the city of Lancaster also has lovely museums, tons of local galleries, breweries, and food (Alton Brown just visited and went crazy for Maison)!

  45. Elizabeth says...

    Definitely go to Reading Terminal market to pick up a pork sandwich from DiNic’s (there might be a line, it’s award winning!) and some biscotti!

  46. obsessed with food52 site! clean and easy to peruse. lost in a dream right now of a re-vamped kitchen…
    thank you!

  47. I loved the Tim Hoch article. Seemingly obvious advice but for whatever reason I really needed to read this today. Thank you for the link!

  48. I say this every week, but I really LOVE these weekly roundup posts you create! Thank you for always sharing the best of the Internet!

  49. Anna E says...

    I, too, wear that same bra. Have been doing it for about 8 years. Nordstrom Rack is the place to find them for $25!

  50. Philly recs– art museum and walking about the grounds very pretty, Reading Terminal market, Han Dynasty (there’s two locations and having lived in China, it’s actually really legit Chinese food, spicy! Sichuan cuisine with a cool vibe), and of course, cheese steaks at Tony Luke’s. Have fun!

  51. Lara says...

    Federal doughnuts is a must!