Have a Fun Weekend.

What are you up to this weekend? We are sneaking away for a quick weekend getaway for Alex’s final birthday celebration. The forecast is for rain, but we are crossing our fingers otherwise! Hope you have a good one, and here are a few fun links from around the web…

I just raced through this fantastic book in two days.

What time to go to bed. (Fascinating.)

When someone asks for a bite of my food.

How do you deal with criticism? Loved this.

Boo! Easy-to-make spider cookies.

3 steps to styling your shelves.

True love.

Who wants a big hug?

A great way to say no: “I must decline for secret reasons.”

What if people treated physical illness like mental illness?

Cute sweater.

25 words your kindergartner must know before first grade. So funny.

A painless way to save money.

Have a good one. xoxo

(Secret reasons via Swissmiss)

  1. Kathleen says...

    Absolutely love that Elizabeth Gilbert piece!!! And your weekend round-ups, as always :-)

  2. Hope the weekend getaway was fun! If you liked that book, you might also like “Girl on a Train” its a mystery having to do with a similar theme (girl trying to piece together her drunken episodes). I somehow read it in a day! Also, that styling shelves link couldn’t have come at a better time! Can’t wait to style mine that I put up yesterday. All great links! Thanks! x

  3. I picked up “Blackout” at Target a few weeks back, but had just bought two new books the day before so I put it back and told myself, “Meh. I’ll pick it up after I finish the other ones…if I remember.”

    I definitely remember. The few excerpts of it I read rang SO TRUE to my own experiences and seeing it listed again here totally sealed the deal. Picking it up this weekend.

  4. The piece about criticism by Elizabeth Gilbert is stellar! It makes so much sense. I’ve already read it twice and shared it with some friends of mine. Thanks, Jo.

  5. Really enjoyed this post. Particularly loved reading about shelf decorating. I loved that blog and added it to my reading list! Thanks for the fun links, they were throughly enjoyed!

    Caylie |

  6. Paola Albergate says...

    This was such a great weekend post! Thank you so much for the thoughtful, funny, inspiring, feel-good links. I needed them today. Elizabeth Gilbert’s post about criticism is incredible. What a powerful piece that helps not only with receiving criticism, but giving it. xo

  7. tunie says...

    Wheaten’s are the best dog for the wary or the broken-hearted! Sally, my beloved wheaten friend (my best friend’s dog), would HOLD my hand with her paw (she’d rest her paw over my hand until I turned it over then leave it right there) for an HOUR at a time when she somehow understood I was feeling super forlorn…it was remarkable. They require pro grooming though, so, word to the wise: expensive.

  8. Enjoy J.A. Jamaica……… Happy you choose us! And happy BIG birthday Alex!

  9. Noelle says...

    The story about Pete…*sniff*

    Also declining for “secret reasons” might be my new favorite excuse.

  10. Rebecca says...

    I’ve always found that comparison between the approach to mental illness and physical illness a really powerful tool, and I think it’s a great reminder. I’ve come to realise, though, (through personal experience unfortunately) that “invisible illnesses”, even those with a physiological root cause, are dismissed just as much as mental illnesses. I have a condition that causes me near constant pain and a number of other viciously difficult symptoms, but many people tell me that “I don’t look ill”; it’s infuriating and hurtful, just as it is when people dismiss mental illness in similar ways. I think there’s a lot to be said for gently remembering that people’s outsides say nothing about their real state of being, physical or mental, and acting accordingly.

  11. Susie says...

    I’m going to start using “I must decline for secret reasons.”
    Love it.

  12. I often wake up feeling tired. I’m going to start using the bedtime calculator tonight. The spider cookies are so cute! Have a nice weekend!


  13. I love “A painless way to save money”. It’s time I start saving money for the yuletide season!

  14. Joanna, I am wondering what your thoughts would be on Drunk Mom by Jowita Bydlowska. We read it for my book club and it incited a massive discussion around motherhood. Great fodder for serious conversation.

  15. That sleeping calculator…what! I feel like I need it to come in app form. I’ve been hitting snooze for 45min these days (yikes, but sooo groggy).

    Happy birthday to your hubby!

    I will be having a date night with my neglected husband and probably making a travel video. I just wrote my post on Copenhagen in the minutes in between studying for grad school, and developed a crush on it yet again.

  16. “I must decline for secret reasons” is the best reason I’ve ever read simply bc I’ve found that whatever well thought out reason you have for not being able to comply with someone else’s wishes will not be respected anyway if the person asking is pushy. So yeah, after someone doesn’t take my first kindly answered “no” I’m whipping this out with all due credit to Mr. White ;)

  17. I learned so much about my children when we replaced our beloved dog. I have used those insights when advising them on love and life.

  18. Amy says...

    So great! You had me at Liz Gilbert, but then that mental illness cartoon! What a great read to start the (supposedly stormy) weekend!

  19. Thank you for the book recommendation! I hadn’t heard of that one and it looks fantastic.

  20. Molly says...

    I’ve used that Sleepy Time Me site off & on for a year or two, & it’s amazing! It really works! Instead of having that sleep-hangover feeling, I wake up feeling rested & *awake*. It’s genius.

  21. I think it’s so wonderful that you shine a light on anxiety & depression. The cartoon if we treated other illnesses like depression made me laugh because it’s so true and it sucks at the same time! Haha! People just don’t get it. Also, I can’t wait to see the I Smile back movie! Hope you & Alex have a great getaway rain or shine!

    Xo Lendy

  22. colleen says...

    Happy weekend! Super interesting who has recurring expenses on the saving money item!

  23. tyler says...

    Oh my gosh! Love the bit about criticism from Elizabeth Gilbert. “Like eating a sandwich that might have broken glass in it.” Ha!

  24. Amanda C. says...

    The only monthly “subscription” i have are bills :( Should i rid myself of electricity, gas or rent…..

  25. Great links this week. The physical vs. metal health comparison was spot on – if only more people viewed mental illness through the same lens. Also – I’m really interested in seeing the new Sarah Silverman movie. Thanks for sharing :)