Have a Spooky Weekend.

Have a Great Spooky Weekend.

Happy Halloween!!! What are your plans for the weekend? Are you dressing up? We are trick-or-treating tomorrow with the boys and we’re all going as Shrek characters. (They boys are obsessed with that movie.) Wish me luck as Fiona! My costume is HIDEOUS. Hope you have a good one, and here are a few fun links from around the web…

Caroline’s trick to making your home smell amazing.

15 fun facts about When Harry Met Sally.

Are we thinking about addiction all wrong? Fascinating.

Whoa, this man found his doppleganger on a flight!

Love, love, love this necklace.

Made me laugh.

Find your ideal dog by the traits you like best.

Sesame Street introduces a character with autism.

Great idea for a dinner party.

An ode to movie props. (Worth watching.)

Halloween brownies.

The coziest sweater in sweater history.

The Mindy Parenting Project. (“It’s simply taken for granted that if anyone were to leave work to be a long-term primary caregiver, it would be Mindy… ‘Being a working mom is really tough,’ says Danny… Anne-Marie Slaughter notes that the term ‘working dad’ isn’t even part of broader vernacular because the responsibilities of fatherhood and work have long been viewed as ones that don’t coexist.”)

(Photo of black cat auditions in Hollywood, 1961, by Ralph Crane. Autism link via Girl of a Certain Age. Breed breakdown via Cupcakes.)

  1. This is perfect place for young writers.

  2. This is really great concept and I really love it.

  3. Halloween is the great event and I love to celebrate it with my friends.

  4. ASHLEY ALLEN says...

    I don’t know how I missed it, but until this weekend I’d never watched When Harry Met Sally! The link in this post inspired me to watch it and OH. EM. GEE! I LOVED IT! Thanks for all the great recommendations!

  5. Love the necklace, but own it and it is a bit heavy! I can never wear it for very long, but maybe I have a weak neck ;)

  6. Amy says...

    I am obsessed with burning papier d’armenie! I live in a house without a fireplace and while they’re burning it smells like a wood burning fireplace is going! And afterwards it smells so good in the house. Fortunately they’re very easy and cheaper to find here in the UK.

  7. Love the links! We went out to dinner after trick or treating and my eldest daughter’s “hippie wig” was making her head itch so I put it on. It might have been the best part of the night as my husband kept trying to click his heels to go back to a time when I wasn’t wearing the wig and the girls giggled.

  8. Jaclyn says...

    I would say Danny would be the first to be a stay at home dad! Not Mindy!

  9. Jodie Hoskins says...

    Do the kids still make those “long-time reader, first-time commenter” declarations?

    So it’s possible you’ve already seen this (it’s the NYT, after all) but I thought it was such an interesting conversation to open up to the public in response to the introduction of Julia:

    And, because KT’s comment above made me so sad, here’s another NYT piece about heroin that is also not happy, but is instead brutal and humanizing (but could be more so? Don’t you ever feel like you want an article to do way too many things?):

    Anyway, you always provide such thoughtful reading material that I thought I would share back! I’ve been following along for so long that posting here feels like trying to talk to a long-time fellow commuter after you’ve convinced yourself you’re fine with being silent (imaginary) friends.

    …I don’t know how to say it without being creepy.

    Cheers! x

  10. great weekend too, Jo!
    i’ve been wanting to ask you and other readers here if any of you know any blogs in french that are similar to your, or even magazines that talk of the same subjects!


  11. yael steren says...

    aww that’s so cute! my niece is going as a peacock and my nephews are going as batman and a wizard!!! have so much fun! can’t wait to see photos (you have to share!!!)! xx yael

  12. Katrina says...

    You should check out the San Patrignano winery in Italy. They employ addicts in recovery to press the grapes, olive oil, etc. And I believe it’s free. It is an interesting idea.

  13. Leah PS says...

    Great news: the website matched my with the breed of dog I already own and love. (my sweet Brittany Spaniel named Charlotte.) Spot on.

  14. My husband and I are going out trick-or-treating with our nephews and niece. They decided to all dress up as characters Chris Pratt has played in recent movies (The Lego Movie, Jurassic World, and Guardians of the Galaxy).

    We have decided to follow the Chris Pratt theme and dress up as Bert Macklin, FBI and Janet Snakehole from Parks and Recreation. They’ve never seen the show, so they won’t get it – but we’re excited to get dressed up anyway!

  15. Ohh! My little boy Diego also loves Shrek! In spain is tradition to eat chestnuts and traditional sweets called “panellets”, that’s we are doing this week!
    Happy halloween everybody!


  16. hi! I commented on one of your IG photos way back when but not sure if you saw it! This just reminded me to bring it up again, but maybe you already know. There is a Shrek performance/play (!!) at the central Brooklyn Public Library tomorrow (at grand army plaza). I think we might go! :)

  17. Lid. says...

    Happy Halloween! I work at a school and we celebrated Halloween today. All the kids wore costumes and I wanted to have fun with them… so I dressed up as Wednesday Addams. All the parents smiled at me when they brought their kid to school… But the kids just looked at me and asked what my costume was…. Boy do I feel old tonight!! :-)

  18. Amy says...

    That sweater is so cozy, I have one very similar from J.Crew Factory and I wear it daily with anything, even dresses.
    The Mindy Project is killing it this season! As a full time working mom (my husband stays home and works part time) I am loving the fresh and relevant perspective that show is taking. Not to mention how AWESOME it is to see a show like this where the couple is in a healthy, real and still positive relationship, and is absolutely hilarious all around to watch.
    Have a great Halloween with your boys! We will be trick or treating with two little Elsa’s this year ;)

    • Susan M. says...

      I still need to catch on the Mindy project, but I love it and am fascinated with the Danny “working dad” question. I wonder if the writers will tackle this issue more head-on in the future. As for alpha-female, I suppose Mindy is trying to carry out her version of that.

  19. KT says...

    It’s hard for me to imagine the person who wrote the book on addiction has spent time with addicts. I’ve only read the brief synopsis on the site you link to, not the full book, so maybe the book takes a less simplistic view than I’m lead to believe. I have spent time with addicts–in fact, in settings created specifically to make that addict feel loved, with social opportunities and the fun they claim they want, only to have the addict lie and sneak of to indulge in their substance of choice. When a person is addicted to a substance, *nothing* else exists, no matter how many alternative activities and sources of please might be available. The addiction is their cage.

    • Mariela says...

      I think you are viewing the video a little to simplistically. Your body will of course go through withdrawal symptoms when you have been doing the drug compulsively over a period of time, resulting in the behaviour you’re describing – that is addiction. However, I think the video is suggesting we change the way we think about prevention and treatment of addiction, rather than the symptoms of addiction which is what you are talking about. The comparison to the rats was that when they had a fulfilling life and meaningful relationships, they did not get to the point that they were taking the drug compulsively – they never became addicted in the first place. AND even if you did become addicted, once you have been through a detox period and your withdrawal symptoms are gone, the solution is not just to “stay sober.” We need to think about the kind of environment that lead to the compulsive substance abuse in the beginning – and if the environment doesn’t change, why would staying sober become easier?

  20. Julie says...

    Ditto Suzanne’s comment. Happy Halloween!

  21. That loft sweater is really the coziest sweater! The Halloween Blondie Brownies recipe is perfect for me – easy and delicious! Happy Halloween!


  22. Maria says...

    I’m wearing a DIY pineapple costume at the office, I’m having so much fun!!!!!!!!!!!! And for tomorrow, a thief costume!!! No purchases this year, just home stuff :)

    • I’m going to be a pineapple tonight too! :)

  23. lomagirl says...

    This photo reminds me of an early job I had- walking a woman’s two cats on leashes. Somehow, they usually managed to slip the collar and I would have to hunt them down, with the help of half the grownups in the area.

  24. Suzanne says...

    I look forward to pouring over your Friday posts all day. And then when I refresh — and it’s just been posted — I’m giddy!

    Thank you for making my Friday a little more bearable until we get to the weekend.

    Can’t wait to see your family’s costumes!