Have a Great Long Weekend.


What are you up to this Fourth of July? I’m flying to San Francisco tomorrow to join my mom and sister for a long-awaited girls’ weekend. I can’t wait. Hope you have a good one, and here are a few fun links from around the web…

Interns running to deliver the news of same-sex marriage legalization. YES!

Expensive wine is for suckers.

Stop trying to convince me I’m beautiful.”

The perfect sweater for summer evenings.

Why do we care so much about Jennifer Garner and Ben Affleck’s divorce? (Maybe because we secretly think of her as our best friend??)

These are a lifesaver on hot days.

These tweets made me laugh out loud.

How you can be MORE attracted to your partner the longer you’re together.

25 women on the best advice they ever got. Loved Mindy Kaling’s.

Can’t help sharing this recent photo of Toby as a ring bearer. Makes my heart swell.

Low-effort toddler games.

And a head’s up: Loft is 50% off this weekend. Go forth!

Have a good one. xoxo

(Photo by Aurelie Lecuyer.)

  1. Toby is the CUTEST little ring bearer! He must have been SO pleased with himself!

  2. JJ says...

    Look forward to this each weekend :)

  3. Susan M. says...

    The Jen/Ben: she is too good for him. And he often looked undeserving of her. And maybe that’s because she gives that best friend vibe. Is she the older version of Jennifer Lawrence? (and then: could this split have any connection to Affleck’s attempt to censor PBS)? Can her acting career finally take off? I’m rooting for her!

  4. Callie says...

    Your round ups are always the best, Jo. Really happy to read the article about marketing prettiness. Have a great holiday!

  5. yael steren says...

    Tomorrow, I’m doing a closet makeover for a client and then Sunday i’m heading to NJ for a BBQ! Have a great weekend! xoxo yael

  6. Carmen says...

    Jo a very very big hug for your sister. sometimes I think how quickly can change your entire life and I remember your brother in law… but be happy and enjoy with them a lot!!

  7. Toby’s level of cuteness It’s overwhelming!
    It’s funny reading about the “clasic” guacamole, because in Chile we use tomatos instead of onions. I have never tried onions before in a guac! And I did had guac in Texas but I just can’t remmember if they used onions…. Do you add tomatos to your guac?

  8. Have a great weekend trip! :) We have my BF´s 6-year old brother visitinf for two weeks, so only kiddo time for me. Cartoons, Play dates and ice cream :)
    xx M.

  9. Illana says...

    YES it’s because I’ve always wanted Jennifer Garner to be my best friend!!!

  10. Have an amazing weekend! Enjoy your girl time! I’ll be having a girls night out to dinner and dancing our 30-something fannies off like we’re a bunch of 20-somethings at Dave Matthews on the fourth.

    KK @ Preppy Pink Crocodile

  11. Cynthia says...

    Toby is such a cute ring bearer! Just melts my heart! My brother was a ring bearer twice. My mom has a picture of him and the flower girl in the second wedding on her coffee table. Enjoy these years. My baby girl(almost 30) is getting married this summer.

  12. Sara says...

    Tina, we recently bought a little tux for our toddler through Pink Princess. It was reasonably priced and very, very cute.

    Joanna, you are a wonderful writer! You always come up with a fresh perspective on things. I *loved* the pictures of the interns running to share the big news. The photographer captured those moments perfectly!

    • Tina says...

      Thanks Sara I will check them out.

  13. sabrina says...

    Happy 4th, LOVE SFO.
    I agree, what is up with Bennifer divorce, I’m crushed. Poor family, what a struggle. Wanted the best for their family.

  14. Theresa says...

    Toby looks so proud and debonair! You sweet boys :)

  15. I am NOT one for celebrity watching but I am gutted about the Affleck/Garner divorce because yes, basically she and I should be best friends. She just seems so flipping lovely.

    Also, my husband has her as his ‘Free option in case the chance comes up’ and now she is available (as he delightedly told me). :)

  16. Kelly says...

    Madewell…. just not feeling it!!!!!!

  17. Toby looks like he has so much pride walking down that aisle! :) so adorable

  18. Tina says...

    Have a great weekend with your mom and sis!

    I Love your blog. I am a Long time reader and first time poster.

    Could you share where you got Toby’s tux? He looked adorable and I need one for our son.

    Many thanks,

  19. Kate says...

    Honestly I love when you post links like these, it’s such an eclectic collection from around the web I love browsing through them!


    My Transformation into a Social Butterfly

  20. You’ve got some great ones on this list! Especially the 25 women and the best advice they’d been given. Priceless!!

  21. That “stop trying to convince me I’m beautiful” post is golden. THANKS for sharing.

  22. great find with that sweater. looks nice and breezy!

  23. Sally says...

    I grew up camping in that exact camper, only ours was blue. My dad bought it brand new in 1973 and drove it until the month he passed away in 2008. I loved that van!

  24. kate says...

    just an fyi, it’s best to say “same-sex marriage,” because not all those who benefit from the scotus ruling are gay! (some are bi, pansexual, etc.)

  25. Glenda says...

    Have a fun mother/ daughter / sister trip!