Winter Survival Guide: Play Games

How are you doing this winter so far? Any winter blues setting in? Did everyone survive the snowstorm? We went to our friends’ house for pancakes and then spent the rest of the day straight chilling.

One thing we always find helpful in the winter is games. They’re great for taking your mind off any worries and just nerding out a little.

Here are six fun ones:
5 Second Rule
Farkle Party
The Settlers of Catan
Head’s Up (Bonus: Only a dollar!)

And, to make you smile, here are four bored games (get it?)…

Thoughts? Any games you’re loving these days?

P.S. 15 games you can play with just two people, and six fun challenges.

(Comic by Gemma Correll via Medium)

  1. Nothing better than good old board games

  2. Kristina says...

    Ahh playing games in the evening nothing better :P

  3. my husband and i worked on a 500 piece puzzle a few weeks ago. our usual together time is watching tv after the kids go to bed. i have to admit it felt kind of weird to just sit in the dining room and talk and do a puzzle! but i’ve also been thinking i should get the family a chessboard. you’re so right about this :)

  4. I love Machi Koro. I have been playing it nonstop and there’s not even any snow in Berkeley!

  5. Forbidden island! Its a fantastic collaborative game. Either you all win or no one wins.

  6. King of Tokyo is a good one. One Night Warewolf and Saboteur are fun too.

  7. My family loves a good game night! We try to play a variety of games, but we always come back to the same ones when we have a big group: Pit, Perpetual Commotion, Reverse Charades. And on Christmas Day this year we had a blast playing Cards Against Humanity. My 75 year old grandmother beat us all!

  8. I’m constantly dreaming of the Thailand islands with its beautiful beaches. Its cold and Dark and grey her in Denmark right now. So we are eating waffles and cake and are drinking hot tea waiting for spring to come….

  9. Taboo has a squeaker now? How lame! It used to have a buzzer that was so fun to use!

  10. We love Scotland yard, miles bornes, and euchre.

  11. i’m with everyone else who mentioned cards against humanity, but i also recommend saboteur and MONOPOLY DEAL!

  12. Dominion! It’s the best!

  13. Cards Against Humanity! But I’d play most any board game or cards – Jenga, junior scrabble, pick up sticks, slap … you name it! It’s such a fun wintertime activity.

  14. DUDE! YOU GOTTA GET ON THE CRIBBAGE TIP! It’s so fun and has an old-timey board you use. It’s so awesome! And it can go by fast or slow. It’s best when played with scotch or martinis.

  15. I’m bookmarking this post. The suggestions in the comments are great! I love whoever brought up mancala – when I was younger I LOVED mancala and now I want to buy a new set.

    In college, my friends and I used to play an Italian game called Bang! It was the better & more fun card game version of Mafia.

  16. My husband and I really like the card game Phase 10!

  17. My husband and I are OBSESSED with Uno. We’ve played soooo many games together in the past few months and it’s been awesome.

  18. My husband and I play Ticket to Ride almost every night- TTR as we term it and we alternate between Europe, North America and Asia (Mountains or Tunnels)… Once a week, we’d play Settlers of Catan (Cities and Knights or Starfarers) with the kids. We haven’t gotten tired of these games yet. If you haven’t, you should try them!

    Before we discovered TTR & CAtan, we used to play Cribbage and Euchre..


  19. Littles to bed, then cribbage and a glass of wine!

  20. I’m obsessed with Cards Against Humanity. I don’t consider myself easily offended, but there were a couple of cards I had to take out. It was just too much. But it’s amazing.
    Catchphrase is another favorite. so is Things.

  21. My partner and I were introduced to the board game Carcassonne at a dinner party last month. We have been obsessively playing it every night since.

    Perfect for couples and a good combination of chance and tactics which give you a lot to chat and joke about. Will shortly start looking at buying the expansion packs to scale the game up too.

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  23. It’s surprising how many games can have two players, but don’t really work that well with only two. My husband and I gave up on two player Catan because too much of the game is trading, which doesn’t work when you are only competing against one person. “You wanna trade sheep for wheat?” “Do you need wheat to win? Then no.”

    We got Splendor, a game of building your own mercantile empire of rare gems (a GEMPIRE!), and have been loving it. Quite simple, but still really fun on each play through and good for 2 people. Some other interesting, but not complicated games are Jaipur (another merchant game), Wasabi, (you are a sushi chef) and Machi Koro (you are a mayor of a town). Also Tokaido which is a gorgeous game where the goal is to literally have the loveliest time on your journey from Kyoto to Edo. I am a serious board game nerd and am restraining myself from listing like 10 more games, but try those! I also second Ticket to Ride.

  24. BB says...

    Our go to games, besides CAH and Catan, are: Munchkin, Avalon, and Guillotine.

    Munchkin is a hilarious twist on your typically “nerdy” game and can get very competitive. Avalon is super simple and a blast to play with a big group. Guillotine is a great game for smaller groups and families.

  25. Definitely NOT Candy Land!

    We have a 5 year-old and someone (good thing they’re family or they would no longer be welcome here) gave it to him for Christmas. We played it for HOURS yesteday. Literally, HOURS. It was AWFUL (thank god we had a fully-stocked bar)… whoever created that game was a sadist.

    Currently trying to figure out a way to smuggle it out of the house so the over-6 set can maintain sanity…

  26. I’ve been having a blast playing Old Maid and Go Fish with my 5 year old. I’m almost constantly laughing while watching him try to strategize.

  27. My boyfriend and I started playing card games last summer (I think it was a way to bear the apartment with no A/C and also an excuse to drink cocktails) and we found this card game called 66 (it’s a German card game). It’s so fun once you get the hang of it! We couldn’t stop playing.

  28. Balderdash is one of my favorite party games by far, we skip the board-game side of it and just keep a tally or just play without keeping track because it’s hilarious!

  29. My husband and I have been into mancala this winter. So fun!

  30. You MUST try Suspend. I see Toby enjoying it too!

  31. Games are great. I like to watch Wil Wheaton’s TableTop show on YouTube. There are a games there I’d like to try.

  32. Sushi Go! We’ve been playing this one lately and it is great to take on trips!

  33. Settlers of Catan is amazing but it will make all your friends and boyfriend hate you when you win two nights in a row. Consider yourselves warned.

  34. Smallworld- its like Settlers of Catan but shorter and easier to explain and understand!

  35. We recently discovered the card game Dutch Blitz, and have been thoroughly addicted ever since! It’s fast paced, easy to learn, and super fun. The best part, is that it is simple enough to teach the kiddos (probably age 5 and up) and they LOVED being able to play a game with the grown-ups. I really can’t describe just how much this game rocks!

  36. Bohnanza aka “beans” it’s a great trading/bargaining card game. Definitely fun!

  37. Salad Bowl!!! It’s sooo much fun and free!!!!

  38. Set is my absolute favorite game, always and forever. I know it hurts some folks’ brains (namely my dad, poor guy!), but for some reason it just works with mine. Sometimes I play it by myself for hours, just to “practice” haha. The card game Oh Hell is also great, as is the card game my friends learned in Germany, Asshole. Terrible names, yes, but they’re so fun to play!

  39. Yahtzee and Catchphrase have been my go-to’s lately with my group of friends. They always seem to rev everyone up (in the best way possible)

    We also enjoy a good old round of Yuker for a more relaxed evening.

  40. We just started family game night with our 2 year old and found some great games from Djeco. Quick enough to hold her attention, simple instructions (many games have altered instructions as your kid grows), and cute animal pieces. She loves Little Balance and Little Cooperation.

    Hubby and I love the classics– Scrabble, Clue, Pictionary. We also love Guillotine, Flux, and the It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia game.

  41. We live with another couple and are all in our mid-twenties… We play games all. the. time. Favorites are Clue, Cranium, Wits & Wagers, Trivial Pursuit, Bananagrams, Pictionary — and we’ve bought all of them from Goodwill on the cheap. Most of them in perfect condition!


  42. qwirkle!

  43. Well……. Me and my friends are super games nerds and I can’t imagine life without them now!
    Jaipur is a great two player card game, it has camels!! Splendor is also amazing, you get the trade in gems. 3+ player games that are awesome……
    Settlers of Catan
    King of Tokoyo
    Sushi Go!
    7 Wonders
    A few of my favourites….. Oh there are so many good games!

  44. I’ve been told that the European edition of Ticket to Ride is better than the American version: more tracks and windy routes. I’ve only played the European edition but I love it and highly recommend.

    King of Tokyo is addictive and super fun with 4 or more: highly recommend! It seems like a really simply premise, but you’d be surprised to discover all the various ways you can win =)

    A new game I tried recently was “We Didn’t Play Test This At All”. It’s such a random game but that’s what makes it fun: you never know what will happen next!

  45. My seven year old can’t get enough UNO these days.

  46. My husband and I play Yahtzee, Rummikub and Uno after our toddler goes to bed. We make cocktails and watch a show on Netflix at the same time (currently it’s the Blacklist). Man, this makes my life sound soooo exciting! Ha!


  48. Prospect Park was a huge Snow Day Party yesterday! Sledding, cross country skiing, snowboarding, hot chocolate, dogs everywhere!

  49. Cards against humanity gets my vote any day! Also the boy and I have been playing a lot of poker and gin rummy recently – so nice to put he devices down and play an actual game every now and then!

  50. Cards Against Humanity is a riot! And still a sucker (forever) for Scrabble :)

  51. My husband and I play board games every night after we put our baby to sleep! Our current fav is rummikub. :)

    Love your blog.

  52. spent the evening yesterday playing pick-up sticks with a jumbo version. so fun!

  53. I have loved Set since I was a kid! Great one.

  54. Cards Against Humanity!! The more players, the merrier, and I could play it all day.