Have a Fun Weekend.

What are you up to this weekend? Toby starts school on Monday, so we’re having one last summer-y weekend of bike rides and pizza. It’s supposed to be 90F tomorrow! Also, Alex and I are finally getting around to reading this book, and it’s fascinating. Hope you have a good one, and here are a few fun links from around the web…

Cell phones make people flaky.

A town covered in blue paint.

Why everyone should have a few crappy jobs.

Fall lipstick trend: This dark red.

Laura Ingalls Wilder had a tougher home life than she let on.

Have you seen this guy doing a girl voice? Made me laugh.

A lovely apartment in Cape Town.

What a BRILLIANT Friday dinner ritual.

Hot honey is the next big condiment.

Secretly eyeing these amazing slippers for the fall.

What yoga looks like through an X-ray.

This Kickstarter project—for a cooler—raised $13,285,226!

Mothers of toddlers, it gets better. Made me laugh out loud.

(Friday ritual via Jenny; yoga x-ray via Shoebox Dwelling; cooler via Swissmiss)

  1. I love this photo. Happy weekend, Joanna. Good luck to Toby on Monday! :)

  2. Nice post i likes this. Thanks for share…

  3. Oh man – the article from Momastery was so funny. I choked on my lunch when she wrote: I GOTTA GO! I’m off to stand in my living room NOT WAITING FOR ANYONE TO ASK ME FOR SNACKS!!!!!!
    Story of my life, I tell you… Thanks for sharing!!

  4. I think it’s awesome that you keep posting this links to how society is negatively affected by cellphones. I get why they’re awesome, but I don’t have one and people think I’m crazy.

  5. Loved that piece about Friday dinner rituals. What a great reminder of the simplicity of coming together. THanks for sharing!

  6. Your blog makes me happy.
    What a nice little break from it all.

    Thank you!

  7. Been reading for a while now, first time posting. I’m doing my living room in deep blue with white moldings and an oak floor, much like the picture. Also, the only piece of furniture will be a modern leather white sofa . We also will showcase some if our art on the walls. I can’t wait!! Excellent blog by the way :)

  8. Oops sorry Joanna I thought my first post disappeared on me so I retyped it! I’m not a stalker I promise:)

  9. Hi Joanna ! You’ve inspired us to make the loooonngg trip to NYC next week (we’re from Perth western australia which is pretty much on the other side of the globe!). Can’t wait to visit your recommendations in your NYC guides and potentially go kayaking on the hudson next weekend :) Keep the good weather going for us and keep up the awesome work :)

  10. Hi joanna ! You’ve inspired me to make the long trip to NYC next week (we’re from western Australia – pretty much the furthest place on the globe from NYC). I can’t wait to visit all the places in your NYC guides. Thanks for the daily inspiration :)

  11. My father has an online shopping problem – the relatively recent dawning of Kickstarter has revolutionized his world – he told me last week he has a COOLEST on the way. I can only shake my head. There’s also a home-brew beer brewing system en route along with several documentary films and who knows what else… I guess I should be happy he’s supporting the little guys!

  12. Funny, but that Cape Town apartment completely reminds me of yours! The decor is so similar. They could be sister apartments!

  13. I loved that article on Friday Night Meatballs. We had people over for dinner on Wednesday, nothing fancy, and I realized again how much easier having people over would be if we did it more often with less pressure for perfection. I’m tempted to search the calendar for a good time for implement something weekly!

    We do have a weekly ‘community group’ with some families with young kids from our church – it’s a six week rotation so that you only need a babysitter once every six weeks. It goes like this:

    -guys night
    -girls night
    -couples night (need a babysitter)
    -guys night
    -girls night
    -family potluck

    It’s a great mix of social events, it’s predictable (every Tuesday!), and it’s easy for young families to handle. Any group of friends could adopt something like it!

  14. Thanks so much for linking to my Friday Night Meatballs post! I’m about to start prepping for this week’s… it’s the highlight of my family’s week.

  15. Love the idea of the weekly meatball dinner! I will have to start something like that myself!

  16. kaitlyn, no way!!! that is awesome!!!

  17. My boyfriend ordered a Coolest! I couldn’t believe he spent so much on a cooler until I watched the video. It’s amazing!

  18. Ah. I can’t watch video at moment as safety mode.
    My guess it’s Louis CK.

    Am I right???

  19. I visited “the town covered in blue paint,” Chefchaouen, in 2008 while I was studying abroad in Sevilla. It was magical! I still think it is one of the most interestingly beautiful places I have ever been.

  20. Ha ha ha! That mama jumping for joy! I just dropped all three of my kids off for all-day school for the first time too! It’s blowing my mind how amazing it is.

    Also, great links! I really enjoyed girl voice and the x-ray yoga video. So amazing!

  21. MAN, those lips! Fall perfection!

  22. @daoud, i think so? i’m not sure…i used to listen to SO much serge gainsbourg in my twenties. i love him:)

  23. I just finished David & Goliath last night. It’s a fantastic book with thought provoking stories.

  24. I love the Friday Night Meatballs! Grey’s tips to hosting without stress are so idiotically logical that I wanted to slap myself. I loved too reading from an author in my home city! How small Philadelphia is that I recognize the name of a guest as someone I know.

    Happy Friday!

  25. That Friday Night Meatballs story warmed my heart! I would love to attend something like that…we host dinners every few months for a group of friends my husband used to play pool with. Some of them still play, but we have become fast friends, even though none of us have much in common other than the fact that we once played pool together. We range in age from a couple with 2 small children to my husband and myself, in our early 60s. Gay, straight, married, not – we so enjoy each other’s company! In between the dinners at our home, we go out to different restaurants…it’s become a big part of all of our lives!

  26. These links make my Friday nights!
    Just wondering, it’s not the first time you’ve posted a picture of Jane Birkin and Serge Gainsbourg; do most Americans know who they are?

  27. Happy weekend to you too!

    x Lily

  28. aww Kinda makes me sad that Laura’s life wasn’t as wonderful as she made it out to be! :) I loved those books!!

  29. Love, love, love the Friday Night Meatballs post. Thanks for linking to it!

  30. All over Nars Audacious this fall!

    I recently started practicing yoga and the X-ray video was so cool. Such a beautiful rendering of the practice. I will be thinking of it next time I have class. :)

    I really love your post about shitty jobs. I tell my husband this all the time – you can totally tell if someone has never had a job waiting, serving, or in retail – because they can be really rude! My feeling is that if we all had to work those miserable jobs as teenagers or young adults, we’d be so much more courteous and thoughtful to one another.

    Happy Friday! Cheers!

  31. We have one and a half walls painted a dark dark blue and I LOVE it. It makes the white pop like nothing else. I highly recommend, especially if you have crown molding or cool door frames.

  32. The family dinner ritual is amazing and incredible!! What an inspiration to reach out to new and old friends!!

  33. I’m glad you included the Chefchaouen link! I lived in Morocco for a while and used to visit there (it’s wonderful). The one funny thing was this comment: “The color caught on, and now many also believe that the blue walls serve to repel mosquitoes as well (mosquitoes dislike clear and moving water).” Chefchaouen is one of the only places in Morocco where you can still get malaria!

  34. That Friday night village dinner is my dream. Love these roundups each week!

  35. I read all the Laura and Mary books to my daughter last year and one night looked up a “dugout” on google. Then I knew that as clean and tidy as Ma might have been Laura wasn’t telling the full story.

  36. Totally doing the pasta! And that blue village is so soothing – I say recreate on your living room wall ;)

  37. I hope you get a great weekend and a good monday:)! I’m going to work on starting up my blog this weekend:). Thanks for the link to the meetball dinner, loooove friday night dinners, having one tonight with some girlfriends<3.

  38. Love this. Each article was so intriguing. Thanks for the work you do.

  39. Love those lipsticks! And I can’t wait to read the autobiography about Laura Ingalls Wilder. The Little House books were my absolute favorite growing up. I must have read the whole series at least 5 or more times. Thanks for the great links, as always!

  40. I loved the post on the Friday Night Meatballs, it made me kind of nostalgic. I just graduated from college this past May, but in college my friends and I (plus usually a few friends of friends) would always have weekly Spaghetti Sundays… some would cook, some would clean up after, one friend would often bring the wine, I’d bring the dessert, and everyone would get their desk chairs out of their room to add to the chairs already in the kitchen and we’d all enjoy a great meal together. It is perhaps one of my favorite memories from the past two years, and now I’m thinking I should translate it over into my adult life.

  41. Tonight I have my first (fundraising) running race (9km)
    Fingers crossed, hope to get to the end ;-)
    Ok, now I’ll go have a look to your links.
    Have a nice weekend :-)

  42. David and Goliath did not disappoint. I adore Malcolm Gladwell. Enjoy! Hoping to run into you one of these days now that you live in my neighborhood!

  43. I love this photo. Happy weekend, Joanna. Good luck to Toby on Monday! :)

  44. thanks, mandy:) and awads, it’s such a sexy color!

  45. have a great weekend, Joanna! your blog and thoughtful posts brighten my day. : )

  46. thanks for the fall lipstick link! i’ve been all over the interwebs this morning looking for The Lip for fall, just because. glad i can count on you!!