Three Orange Lipsticks: Which Would You Choose?

Have you tried orange lipstick? We’ve been spotting it everywhere this summer, and it’s surprisingly flattering on women with all different skin tones. So we asked make-up artist Ashlee Glazer to show us three ways to wear it, my friend Courtney Adamo agreed to model and Jamie Beck took photos. Here are three summer looks…

BOLD: Here, Courtney is wearing MAC Lady Danger, a bright orange-red. With its rich hue and matte finish, this is a show-stopper of a color, don’t you think? We all LOVED it in person—it was gorgeous and would liven up even a T-shirt and shorts.

LIGHT: Here, Courtney is wearing MAC Costa Chic, a coral color with a light golden shimmer. This kissable hue would be great for a date night or everyday look.

GLOSSY: Here, Courtney is wearing Almay Color + Care Lip Balm in Apricot Pucker. How pretty does she look? I sometimes forget about lip gloss, but it’s such an easy fresh look, especially for the summer. (Plus, this one is under six dollars!)

A few tips from makeup artist Ashlee Glazer:

1. Warm up your skin first with bronzer. Apply it in a number-three formation on both sides of your face (along the hairline, over the cheekbones and along the jawline).

2. Don’t overdo it on the blush! You want your lips to take center stage. Consider skipping blush entirely or choose a peach or nude shade (versus pink or red, which will compete with your lips).

3. Keep your eye makeup simple. Use just a light coat of mascara so your lips can remain the focus.

What do you think? Would you wear these? Which would suit your personality best?

P.S. Everyday beauty uniforms and 16 hair tutorials.

(Photos by the wonderful Jamie Beck for Cup of Jo. Makeup by Ashlee Glazer. Modeling by the lovely Courtney Adamo. Courtney’s dress is by Ace & Jig. Similar sandals here and here. Thank you so much, ladies!)

  1. This is outstanding series of lipstick colors. I always buy different lipstick color. because i love to collect different style and use them for looking beautiful and stunning. I have so many imported brands of lipstick color. But I love maybelline lipcolors.

  2. oh, and LOVE that Ace & Jig dress, those ladies can do no wrong in my book. Ashley is stunning, too!

  3. Ooh…I love a bright lip. It brightens my face, my mood, everything. My fave right now, is a multiple by Nars, called Siam. I think I actually have Lady Danger and love it, too. The Almay one is calling to me…..Always love hearing about new, bright picks!

  4. dang! Lady Danger has been my show stopper lipstick for a few years and now it appears my secret is out!

  5. It took me some courage to get on board with orange lipstick… I shared my guide on how I did: Orange Lipstick Guide

    I also love the tips you shared and the colors look so great on the model.


  6. None of these read as orange to me. May just be my monitor, or the toning/lighting of the photographs could have shifted the colors a little from how orange they might have seemed in person. Though this model is gorgeous and can probably be made up to pull off most colors, I think it would be more insightful to take the same lipstick shade and put it on like 5 different women with very different skintones to really compare and contrast who it flatters most.

  7. After reading this I immediately went to Walgreens to buy the Almay gloss. I don’t think I look great in bright lipstick, but I feel really pretty in this :-)

  8. Beautiful model and lovely, varied orange-hued colors. Not sure why some feel the that they should dictate the type of content you have on the blog … I love the variety of topics you post, and if one doesn’t interest me, I skip it, but I always look forward to seeing your posts. Thank you, Joanna!

  9. I saw a comment above noting that lipstick posts are “trivial.” NO WAY!! I love the lipstick posts, and I have taken out my phone in Ulta and used the lipstick challenge to help me decide. My current fave is Hello Sailor by Lipstick Queen–thanks for the info on it. Not only is the lipstick stunning, the packaging is RAD! I have the box displayed in my bathroom. Love these choices too and Courtney is a doll.

  10. I like the sheerness of the Almay lip balm. It’s bright without being jarring.

  11. I think you may have mixed up the last 2 colors ? I went to buy the Almay one and its very light (like the middle picture) just FYI …. ;) thanks for sharing- love Courtney and her look!

  12. I love all those shades, but I wouldn’t call one of them orange! I have one by Chanel in “Exotic” that is much orangier. But- I still think all these are cute colors!

  13. Could you please do a post on lipstick for those of us who were not blessed with incredibly full lips? Like almost non-existent lips.Only full lips ever get the glamour treatment!

  14. Gorgeous!!

  15. She looks georgous!!! I love the first and specially the last!

  16. I have a bazillion purchased, but failed, oranges/corals in my drawer. I adore those colors on other ladies, but I figured it just won’t work for me. However, I did go out and get the Almay today…and I LOVE it!! It’s perfect and so affordable. Thanks!

    **I also finally found a red/orange nail polish that works for me called Revlon Color Stay in “Long Shot,” and it compliments the Almay gloss perfectly.

    Love that you choose “real” people/ your friends to model for you. If I wanted to see hired airbrushed models, I can look at an overpriced magazine.

  17. Everything about this post makes me want to try an orange lipstick for myself! Added the Almay color + care to my shopping list because it’s most subtle of your suggestions. I can not wait to give it a go!

  18. I love those lipsticks, especially Lady Danger. Orange looks amazing paired with green clothes. You guys nailed it!

  19. This lipsticks look gorgeous on her, I don’t think I could ever pull of an orange lip.

  20. These looks are gorgeous, however, as a southeast asian-am I was hoping to find at least one look that may represent someone with darker skin hues. It’d be very helpful to see how these looks can be flattering towards someone like myself. Hope you could provide more topics like this in the future. xoxo

  21. Courtney is stunning! I LOVE the first color, but they all look wonderful on her. And her approach to motherhood and family is beautiful – I’m so happy to see her here on your blog as well as her own.

    Joanna – you should do a beauty routine! I would love to see your staples.

    I have been adoring your blog lately! I’ve been a reader for years now and I love the mix of content you’ve been featuring with the motherhood around the world series returning alongside some new fun ones as well! Thank you so much for all your work, it’s really a joy to check your spot on the internet every day. xx

  22. these colours are not orange.

  23. She’s a gorgeous model and I like the middle shade but I have to say, even on such a beauty, it’s a little clownish. It seems like it would mark you as being stylish but that isn’t to say it would look good on almost anyone.

  24. Wow! I don’t know if I can pull off the bold lip colors! But the model looks amazing!

  25. Courtney is obviously very gorgeous but would really love to see more models of color on your website and how these lipstick/makeup tips actually work for people with different skin tones.

  26. Love Courtney and the orange lipstick! So happy that Instagram brought her account back. I drew the hashtags lettering she posted (#bringbackcourtneybabyccino) and it was so cool to see how the whole IG community rallied around her…kinda restores faith in humanity, right? :)

  27. More Courtney all around! She’s the prettiest gal there is! Only Joanna and Courtney from now on, K? Orange lipstick was all over London and Paris this spring. Luckily I already started wearing it by then. It’s a nice change from red and pink. And the brighter colors are kind of somewhere between punk and Jackie O. That’s the line I like to live on. Xoxo

  28. What I’ve wondered each time you’ve featured Courtney is how she does her hair. Mine is a similar texture, and I think I could avoid having to use the curling iron with the right products. But I’ve never figured it out. It looks like she has. I’d love to know what she does.

    4:41 PM

  29. It was all I could do not to leave work this very second to get the Almay balm. I’m always a little scared of lipstick because I hate reapplying any makeup throughout the day but this looks easy and natural.

  30. Yeah I have to agree with other commenters who said the colors are all pretty…but I wouldn’t point to any of them and say ORANGE. First one is more red, middle one is more nude, and the last is pink…

  31. I purchased MAC Lady Danger when I saw all of the models wearing it in the J Crew catalogue. I LOVE it! It stays on my lips all day, too. Shout-out to J Crew: When I emailed J Crew about the lipstick, I never expected to get a reply for such a small, random question. They wrote me back right away with a personal email telling me about the shade. Love them.

  32. I am completely and openly biased as I work for the company, but have a very flattering Orange-Coral lipstick named Annette and a gorgeous lip gloss named Tart that will give you a very flattering and healthy Coral look. I love them with a bit of bronzer and our Violectra violet eyeliner…Summer fun!

  33. I’m loving the orange lipstick trend. I’ve been wearing my Bite Beauty Matte Creme lip pencil in Blood Orange all season. It’s my favorite :)

  34. I love the first one. It looks amazing on Courtney, but then she would look great wearing a Dr. Pepper Lipsmacker.

  35. Actually, I just bought a 2-pack of Maybelline Baby lips… one is an orange, and one is a bright pink. I was not convinced on the orange one until I tried it, and it’s surprisingly flattering. For those who prefer to slowly wade into the territory or orange lips, Baby Lips is a good thing to try. Inexpensive and the color goes on quite sheer.

  36. She’s gorgeous!

  37. Wow I couldn’t disagree with your comment more Karen – I think Courtney looks incredible in all three make up looks and the colouring suits her amazingly. Usually she doesn’t wear much make up and always looks great so it’s really interesting seeing her ‘made up’ – I have to say she looks soooo pretty and young with this make up. I think the dress is terrific and I don’t see how any of it clashes to the contrary. I love how different the orangey tones are and v happy to read and see this post as I’m definitely an orangey red lipstick girl over a bluey red. Thanks for posting this Jo! Phillipa x

  38. I love tangerine, laura mercier!it is
    The perfect orange for me!
    Claudia | Italy :)

  39. The first and third shades are pretty but they really clash with the dress they been styled with. That dress is too casual and green for the make up. Similarly with the model, although attractive, none of those shades really suit her colouring. If you intend to branch out into beauty features you may want to think about employing a stylist and model who can promote the products positively.

  40. I love the last one from Almay. Courtney is so beautiful!

  41. Can we talk about Courtney’s amazing hair please??? Would love to know which products she uses!

  42. I wore orange lipstick at my wedding last year. I never would’ve picked it on my own, but it was perfect! So glad my friend/makeup artist suggested it.

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  44. I have a Revlon lip butter similar to the one in the middle, and I also like the last one. Almay has some great glosses. I like the dress,too because it looks perfect for the hot weather.

  45. Love orange lips for summertime! My fave is Heat Wave by Nars. Looks perfect with a white dress and a cocktail in your hand. :)


  46. My favourite is Clinique Chubby Stick in Heftiest Hibiscus – it’s a bright corally orange. Great summer colour!

  47. I love the blog here, but I’m going to express some disappointment here and say that featuring lipstick as a topic of interest (as well as with the lipstick challenge) seems really…trivial? I think your readers expect some of this content but when it takes the place of heavier, more thoughtful content….

  48. I’m pretty sure Courtney could wear anything and be beautiful! Now I see why she has such cute kiddos! Also more Courtney on the blog please!!

  49. What size is Courtney wearing in the Ace & Jig dress? Thinking of buying and I am similar in size to her, thanks!

  50. I’m not really into such bright color, but I think the second option is lovely. :) Especially with the dress – I feel like a bright lip with a bright dress is too much bright! (for me)

  51. I would definitely wear that third color, but they’re all fun for different reasons.

  52. I think orange lipstick makes any smile brighter – especially Courtney looks so happy! I love it!

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  54. We want more Courtney!

  55. I love the lipsticks but I also love this dress; it’s interesting to see how green compliments orange-