1. It was a total revelation for me when my daughter insisted on sticking one of her tats on my arm. I loved it! complete temp tattoo convert right here.

  2. Definitely prefer this to the real thing lol.

  3. I am so into this trend, but I have been rocking flash tattoos. you should totally feature them!

  4. I’m in love with these! Just bought some! Thank you for sharing:)

  5. Love temporary tattoos. My kids are nuts for them, of course. Wouldn’t it be funny to get one of these and have them discover it and ask questions?

  6. Now this is why I heart you, Cup of Jo! More Rifle temporary tattoos, and less Old Navy please!

  7. This is such a cool company! I love the idea!!

    x Lily

  8. Just bought some! So pretty, can’t wait to try them on!

  9. What lovely tattoos! This could pass as real ones.

  10. That last one is so pretty! Ive fancied a really one for a while as hubby has them, but Im just not sure and he doesn’t really want me getting them, this might be a compromise to see how I really feel!
    Two Hearts One Roof

  11. Thanks for sharing! These are so cool and fun, and I think I need a couple for a beach vacation coming up. I’ve been jonesing for another real tattoo, maybe one of these will take the edge off.

  12. I could NEVER get up the guts to get a real tattoo, but I think these would be so fun to sport for a weekend. I love how pretty the Rifle & Co. designs are…so whimsical.

  13. Just bought the menagerie set. So cute!!

  14. I’d love to see what these look like on mocha colored skin, I totally want to buy but I don’t want to be disappointed.

  15. Love these. I’ve been waiting for them to come out– thanks for the heads-up!

  16. these look awesome! i’m definitely putting these on my wish list, so pretty.
    xo, cheyenne

  17. I’ve wanted a tattoo for years, but once I discovered Tattly I got the desire out of my system. Now I can change both the design and the location whenever I want, which is so nice. Currently working my way through a handful of tattoos that say “Focus.”

  18. Super fun! I’ve been wanting a tattoo for a couple of years now, but go back and forth on what I want exactly. I love the idea of trying something out via a temporary tat and these are beautiful!!

  19. bp says...

    So fun & PRETTY! I am not a true tattoo girl but I love me a temporary one when it’s a fun occassion! Gotta get these!!

  20. These are really cool!

    I have a few tattoos of my own and would love to try temporary ones just to have an idea how I would look like with a few more tattoos.

    Last Halloween I dressed as Amy Winehouse and I bought a kit of fake tattoos with all her tattoos in it!

    Everyone in the party asked me how I had Amy’s tattoos! So fun!

  21. you should! these would be gorgeous as a real tattoo.

  22. These are so cool!!! I’ve debated getting a tattoo for years, and maybe this would be a good way to do a test run that still looks cute.
    I’m pushing my husband to get his 3rd tattoo currently, so maybe… we can get them at the same time! Not matching though.