1. Totally thought of you today I had a count down to Spring on my phone after your winter post :)

  2. wow! these photos are amazing. when i saw them in my feed, i thought they were just man-made gradients from photoshop…until i read your post and found out they’re sky photos.

    so pretty! have a great weekend joanna. =)

  3. I’ve always loved those images. Perfect for spring!


  4. Unfortunately, I live in Southern Ontario, Canada. I’m not convinced of this mythological creature called “Spring” that I hear people discussing; seems to only exist in the days of yore.

    (As I type this I am gazing out of my frosted window, steamed breath fogging up the panels. Piles of snow mockingly stare back at me; A snowman appears to be smirking whilst giving me the finger.)

    Melo-dramatic? Maybe. But the hermit-induced state that I have entered due to the Canadian “polar vortex” has caused my sanity to get away from me.

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  6. A sigh of relief :) It’s onward and upward!

  7. I love these paintings! So gorgeous. Thanks for sharing. xx

  8. Welcome to my life spring! Wonderful sky

  9. Those wonderful color panels make me think of Easter eggs! Happy Spring!

  10. Lol it is snowing here. FML.

  11. They’re saying another East Coast snowstorm is possible next week. PLEASE spare us, Spring! I had to pick the daffodils in our garden this Sunday since we got another 8″ of snow overnight. At least they look and smell lovely in my apartment!

  12. Eric must get no sleep ever if he’s taking photos of sunsets AND sunrises! ;) Happy, happy spring!!!

  13. Aw, unfortunately it is supposed to SNOW next week!!!!

  14. Those daffodils are on our table right now!… It’s been a rough winter… Happy Spring everyone!

  15. You know, it’s cool when someone makes you stop and ponder how remarkable a “common” thing like sunset is. It’s such a magic time of day, too. Elusive. Thanks for sharing.

  16. Warm evenings and sun-kissed cheeks are my fave. Happy spring, Joanna!