Who Do You Look Like?

When Anton was born, we were perplexed—he didn’t look like anyone in our families. “Who does he look like?” asked all our friends. “No one,” we said. “It’s a mystery!”

But the other day, Alex and I were watching a Tigers vs. Red Sox baseball game, and I kept staring at the Tigers pitcher Max Scherzer. “He reminds me of someone,” I told Alex. “But I can’t figure out who.” Alex was barely listening to me, since he was trying to focus on the game, but all of a sudden, he turned to me and said, “Oh my God, he looks just like Anton.”

It was hilarious. And true.

Who do your kids look like? (You? Another relative? A celebrity?) Do you have a look-a-like?

P.S. Accidental twins, and complete strangers who look exactly like twins.

  1. Toby totally looks just like baby pics of you. People are always asking/saying different things about my 3.5-month old. Looks just like his dad, looks so much like you, is a total 50/50 mashup, etc. I think it mostly depends on his expression. His dubious face is like his dad’s for sure!
    I look a lot like my mom as my age (especially when we compare 18-24 y/o shots of one another). My niece is the spitting image of kiddie pics of my mom, even though my brother the dad looks the least like my mother of her 3 kids.

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  3. I just met my Doppelgänger the other day! She’s a barista at a new coffee place in my neighborhood, and the resemblance is uncanny.

    She posted her version of this pic on Facebook, and mutual friends identified us and put us in touch. (We thought to snap a picture, but not to swap contact info.) We’re going to be in this book about unrelated doubles. Maybe some of your readers with doubles will throw their hats in the ring, too!

  4. max is heterochromic! how fun. i am too and it’s super cool to meet others who are since there aren’t that many.

  5. I have always that Anton looks just like a mini-alex. Which I find cute since Toby is your mini-me.

  6. Without ever meeting him, just from the photos you post, I thought from photo one that Anton looked exactly like your father. I’m surprised you didn’t notice it!

  7. I look so much like my Dad and my Gran (his Mom), but thank goodness with a lot smaller nose. His is huge :) I look NOTHING like my Mom, people used to ask if I was adopted when they saw us together!!

  8. I am a true doppelgänger with the girl in the Bryan Adams – Heaven video. It is extremely freaky, if I throw on a leather jacket and an 1980-s hairdo no one could tell the difference.

    Even the body language! Too bad it is a little bit to obscure for halloween. Haha.

  9. I always had a theory that the first born child will always resemble the father. This is because my eldest sister looks exactly like my father but with hair. This is just one example. So when I was pregnant, I kept looking at baby pictures of my husband and imagining the little man I was growing in my belly. When he came out, imagine my surprise to discover that he looks EXACTLY like me. Even as a newborn and newborns look more like each other than they look like their parents. It had to be my own baby that killed my theory.

  10. That is hysterical, but I’m another one who thinks Anton looks like Alex! And Toby like you.

  11. We (meaning me) went through a period with my three year old son, when I couldn’t bear to cut his curly blond hair and my husband thought he looked exactly like Kelsey grammer. He was right, and I cut my sons hair a few days later. Sigh.

  12. if this makes any sense, my daughter and son look like siblings but she does not look like either me or the dad and she also looks a lot like my friend’s daughter, but like an asian version of her!

  13. I think Anton looks like Emily of the blog “Rawsome Vegan Life”!

  14. Toby looks so much like you, but I think Anton is the perfect mix of the two of you.

    People used to ask me if I’m Anne Hathaway (this was before she cut her hair.) Every time she had a new movie out. I would get asked if I’m her.

  15. I think Anton looks like Jo, with a dash of baseball guy, and Toby is a spot on Alex, which I just noticed, seeing that photo of Alex. I’m in the same boat as Camille, my mother is taller, and has 30 years on me, but our baby and youth pictures are identical!

  16. When my daughter was born, she totally looked like Bobby Flay for a couple months. Yikes! I’m so glad she outgrew it.

  17. Sooo funny, I’ve kept a constant celebrity look-alike list of my son since he was born 17 months ago. He’s Keifer Sutherland! He’s James Gandolfini! He’s all kinds of people but not anyone I know! And then finally my MIL sends a photo of my husband at age 10. HES THE BLOND VERSION OF MY HUSBAND! Ha ha, what are the odds? Duh. But I’d never seen baby pics of hubby and his adult face is SO adult and swarthy, I couldn’t see it.

  18. I can’t get over how awesome this post is.

  19. I have been told I look like about 15 different celebrities. The color/length of my hair always brings out a new list. It’s at the point where it is more annoying than flattering. I now cringe at the words, “Does anyone ever tell you, you look like…” My current theory is that if you made a composite of every white female celebrity you’d come up with a picture of me.

  20. I look like my father but I have the face expressions as my mother..My son is a mixture between my husband, my mother and myself!

  21. Literally made me LOL! So adorable!

  22. My son looks just like me, but my husband’s family thinks he looks like my husband. But they’re wrong. :) Once at a Barnes and Noble a guy asked me if I was Mila Kunis. I live in a suburb of Sacramento – not really a hotbed of celeb sightings! She and I both have big eyes and dark hair I guess…

  23. I always get Mandy Moore, but in the past I’ve heard Kelly Clarkson, Angelina, and (the best-worst ever) “That crack head girl from “Traffic”. I finally figured out they meant Erica Christensen.

    But really, I look just like my momma. I found a school picture once and asked her “When did I ever where this uniform?” To which she replied “That’s me!” It’s scary how much we look alike.

    My son charlie is just like Anton. He doesn’t really look like anyone in either of our families. If my husband hadn’t taken a picture of him as the doctors were pulling him out of my belly, I would’ve sworn he was switched at birth!

  24. That is hilarious! Anton does look like him.

    I was having dinner in a restaurant once and the waitress came over to tell me that I had been spotted. She meant that some other guests thought I was a celebrity. I have no idea who they thought I was though! :)

  25. Anton is so cute!!! I’m half Italian and half Japanese and I think I’m a 50/50 blend of my parents, but from certain angles I look a lot more like my mom (for example, we have the same profile and general face shape). Others people say they don’t see the Asian in me at all (especially when I’m in Japan). It’s so cool to see family traits passed down over time!

  26. Strangers stop me on the street pretty much every day and ask me, “has anyone ever told you that you look like Drew Barrymore.” I’ve never seen the resemblance

  27. My husband kinda looks like Ryan Gosling which is awesome for me :)

  28. oh and also- I always get told I look like Sandra Bullock!

  29. My daughter looks exactly like Violet Affleck!! And they are month apart in age.

  30. I am frequently told I look like an Olsen– for a long time, Mary Kate or Ashley, and now that their sister is famous, Elizabeth. Apparently there was a group of people in college who called me Mary Kate– I didn’t know them, and I guess they didn’t know my name so they referred to me as Mary Kate. Cool (?). I also think that Amy Robach on GMA looks just like a blonde Angelina Jolie, but I’ve googled it and no one else in the world seems to have written this on the internet– apparently I am alone on that one! :)

  31. Anton has your grandfather’s mouth, right?

  32. haha, this is great! our kids have definitely taken my husbands traits, but i know plenty of people who we always question. that baby is a dream!

    sweet grace

  33. I’ve always been told I look like Maggie Gyllenhaal, more recently it’s a mix of her and Elizabeth Olsen.

  34. I have been told my whole life that I look like Gwyneth Paltrow, which became weird when I had a son that everyone thought looked like her husband, Chris Martin. :)

  35. bekah, that is so funny—i can see that!

  36. I look like my mom in every way. The older I get, the more of her I see in myself.

  37. and while i’m at it: JO, I think you look like a mix of hilary swank and elizabeth hurley.

  38. i’ve gotten sarah jessica parker and kate blanchett…. but really i am a 50/50 mix of both my parents features.

  39. Haha I assumed Anton must look like a clean-shaven Alex! I was the spitting image of my dad as a baby, then looked like nobody (just a possibly-adopted toe head in my brunette family), and now I’m my mom’s doppelganger from her younger years. Maybe Anton will grow to look more like one of you! Or maybe you should just buy him a baseball glove ;)

  40. And I always thought you look like Lili Taylor. Toby is the perfect blend between Alex and you.

  41. I look exactly like my dad. And lots of people who don’t know between them say I’m just like Sarah Chalke from Scrubs.

  42. I actually think Anton looks a lot like you, and in that photo above, Alex looks just like Toby…with a beard!

  43. People also say my 18 year old son looks like William Levy. I have one George Clooney and one William Levy.

  44. KJ says...

    People don’t usually say one person in particular, but for whatever reason people always tell me that I look like someone they know. It’s always a friend from grade school or a next door neighbor. Other times complete strangers will tell me I look familiar. There must be something very (quite literally) “girl next door” about my face shape is all I can imagine.

  45. That totally cracked me up!! I don’t have any kids but my brother is the SPITTING image of my father at his age – it’s seriously eerie when you put their photos up against each other when my dad was his age. There’s a running joke in my family that I’m adopted – I look like no none and I’m a good foot and a half shorter than everyone.

  46. My sixteen year old looks just like George Clooney. Always has.

  47. my son looks very much like me when i was little, but people still tell us that he looks like my husband. we have noticed that 99% of the time, the people that know him better/for a longer time (high school friends, people he has worked with, his side of the family etc) will without fail say he looks like my husband, but everyone that knows me better says he looks like me. i guess it makes sense because they know my husband’s features/expressions so well that they can pick out the tiniest similarities between my son and my husband, but whenever someone says ‘he looks EXACTLY like tom!’ i want to whip out one of my baby pictures and say, no, actually he doesn’t! :)

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  49. when i was born, i was basically a mini-me of my dad…but now (at 23) i don’t look like either of my parents! interesting mystery though: my cousin Ashley (my father’s brother’s daughter) and I look almost identical! same face shape, same smile, same bone structure, etc.! so we have concluded that we must look like someone on our fathers’ side…we just don’t know who!

  50. I totally see you in Anton’s little smile. What a pretty baby! I’ve been told I look like Zooey Deschanel, just like every other brunette who has ever had bangs in her life.

  51. That is so funny!
    My daughter is quite a blend of my husband and I, but you can definitely tell she is mine. My second daughter was born looking just like her uncle (my husband’s brother) which is hilarious. How does that happen? :)

  52. I don’t get any of those cool compliments. I guess I don’t look like anyone but me! BUT, I was just thinking how much I think sweet Jenny Komenda looks like Erika Christensen from the TV show “Parenthood” It’s like they are twins!

  53. I get America Ferrera ALL the time. I’ve even been approached for autographs before.

  54. Our baby boy, who will be 1 year in December, looks exactly like me! People are amazed how a child can look so much like one of the parents. At the first visit at my parents’ house we looked at some baby pictures of me and it was crazy- he is a copy!;) but luckily he has gotten my husband’s beautiful nose.

  55. Oh my gosh, I can definitely see it! I love those moments when the inspiration hits.

    My dear friend just had a baby a month ago and she was showing me their family pictures. In person, her son looks very much like his older brother but in the pictures, little baby Isaac is a dead ringer for Wallace Shawn (of Princess Bride and Clueless fame!)

    As for me, as a baby, I was called “Mini-Mel” because I looked so much like my dad. High-school-age me kept getting Molly Ringwald but that tapered off. Most recently, I was told that I looked like Chelsea Clinton? It’s a weird combination to be sure :)

  56. Put a beard and glasses on Anton…whala!…baby Alex.

  57. M says...

    That’s so funny – I always thought he looked like you.

    It’s so weird how babies resemble parents as adults, but not necessarily as their baby selves (does that even make sense!?)…people think my 9 month old daughter looks like my husband, but she looks like me as a baby…and yet, she’s all her own :)

  58. I was told by an older gentleman while I was shopping with my mom as a kid, that I look like Bette Davis, or at least have her eyes anyways :) lol

  59. I used to get stopped in the mall and at bars because people ALWAYS thought I looked like Heidi Montag from the Hills, before her major surgery. I had blonde hair at the time and we have the same shape face so I guess that is why. This happened when the Hills was so popular and pre-teen girls would run up to me and cry, and I was like “NO! I am not her” but they wouldn’t believe me. Very annoying haha.

  60. I was at my favourite flea market one weekend when I found a small portrait of a woman who looks exactly like me (it an extremely scarily-close way). Turns out it is a famous painting by Winterhalter called Barbe Dmitrievna Mergassov Madame Rimsky-Korsakov (1864).

  61. This reminds me a little of the Facebook “doppelganger” days. It was kind of funny to see who people think they look like… Operative word being *think*. I’ve gotten Amanda Seyfried and Jeri Ryan, but I’m afraid that being blond and having a round-ish face and large features is all I have in common with either of them.

  62. I’ve gotten Britney Spears (circa Hit Me Baby One More Time days), Jennifer Love Hewitt and Colbie Callait. Totally random!

  63. Fantastic story!!
    With my husband we recently traveled to Senegal and we couldn’t stop to see similarities between the people there and his nephews (who are white). Back home his father told us that his grandmother was from northern Senegal.

  64. laura, that’s a great one—she’s goooorgeous.

  65. amber, haha, no, but that would be awesome.

  66. So funny! I’ve been getting Keri Russell (more often than not, “Felicity”) since the 7th grade :)

  67. Hmm, doesn’t your mom (or Dad) live in Michigan…? And this guy is a Detroit Tiger…? Hmmm… ;) Love that he has two different colored eyes!

  68. Does Anton have two different colored eyes like Max? I was always so envious of a neighbor girl who did – I wished I had one of each!!

    nouveau | a londoner’s lifestyle blog

  69. I get Julia Roberts and most recently, Lana del Rey. Both huge compliments!!

  70. my daughter looked like her father for the first year of her life, but more and more she is looking as i did as a tyke. i haven’t noticed any celebrity look alikes yet.

    i always get kate winslet and meryl streep. as a kid, i often got madonna (it was the haircut and a similarly placed beauty mark) a lot.

  71. I look a lot like Kristin Davis. During her Melrose Place years, people would give me dirty looks, or seem almost afraid telling me I looked like Brooke from MP. The Sex and the City days were much nicer. Once, I was in New York with my sister and people were pointing and taking photos, clearly excited over a celebrity sighting. We looked behind us to see who it was but there was no one there. Later, it occurred to me that maybe it was me? HA!! That was ten years ago and as I’ve aged, I look a lot like Emily Mortimer and hear that one more than Kristin Davis. So bizarre!

  72. I get told about once a week I look like Anne Hathaway, I even had a little girl once ask if I was Princess Mia, to which I replied “no, I’m QUEEN Mia”. She was so happy!


  73. Go MAX!!! I hope we don’t lose him but I fear we will. Prince’s contract is too expensive

  74. So funny! In the first pictures you shared of him I thought he looked just like Toby! Now I think he does look like Alex.

  75. On a couple of the ultrasounds, our son looked like someone familiar but it took me forever to figure it out- I finally realized he reminded me of Richard Dreyfuss!

  76. I am my mother’s twin. I remember being 14, looking at her old yearbook, and I caught myself thinking, “I don’t remember ever wearing that outfit” only to realize that, duh, of course it wasn’t me. I went to college near her hometown, and I always knew who her old friends were when I saw unfamiliar middle aged people squinting at me for a while, head tilted to the side. They always came up to me and said, “Kristy?” I had to then correct them and say that she was my mother.

  77. My second son looks like Owen Jenkins, Ouiser Boudreaux’s boyfriend in Steel Magnolia’s. My first son looks like me when I was a child, but no one believes me.

  78. I agree with Claire Frejd, I definitely see a resemblence between Alex and Anton.

    I sometimes get that I look like Whitney Port from The Hills or The City, not sure if thats a compliment!

  79. From what I’ve seen I think that Anton has Alex’s eyes and Toby has yours. But Toby has Alex’s smile 100%!

    When I worked retail people told me all the time that I looked like either Miley Cyrus (pre-haircut) or an Olsen twin. But really I just look like my dad (:

  80. My son looked like Mike Holmes, from the HGTV series Holmes on Homes. He had that sort of bulldog scowl going on. We kept joking that we needed to put him in overalls.

  81. I always get the weirdest assortment of “look-alike compliments” – Gina Davis, Julia Roberts, Emma Watson, Kiera Knightly, Mare Winningham, Amy Adams. But my grandma says I’m a dead ringer for her grandma and that’s my favorite one :)


  82. I kept looking at Max and thinking he looked like someone too, but I concluded that I was thinking of an austrailian shepard. HA! Not that Anton looks like a dog, he is the cutest!

  83. interesting! we kind of do sometimes….also he has my mom’s eyes, i think? still he’s much more of a mystery than toby, who looks like me as a baby.

  84. I totally think Anton looks like Alex!!!