What Marriage Means

Disclaimer: I’m 8,000 months pregnant, which means I’m extra hormonal and schmoopy. But last night, I was thinking about our marriage…

Ever since I got pregnant with Toby, my left foot has been randomly cold. It’s probably bad circulation or something? At night, it feels especially freezing. Still, I always forget to put on a sock before climbing into bed. So, pretty much every night, after we read and chat in bed, and I’m half-asleep, I’ll murmur to Alex, “Would you mind grabbing me a sock?” And every night, he says of course and finds a sock in his drawer (usually one of those gray business socks, if you must know). Then, while I lie there, basically passed out, and hugely pregnant, he’ll put it on my foot.

Last weekend, we were visiting our friends’ cabin in Connecticut, drinking lemonade in their gazebo in the woods, when the skies suddenly opened up, and rain poured down around us. Although he’s never had an asthma attack before, Alex started wheezing. As we chatted in the gazebo, the toddlers playing under our feet, it got harder and harder for him to breathe, and our friend ended up rushing him to the hospital. (As they raced down the country roads, they also HIT A VULTURE. What an omen!) Finally at the hospital, the doctor stabilized Alex with oxygen and steroids and explained that it was allergy-induced asthma due to record-settingly high pollen counts. Apparently, the situation had been very serious, they had arrived at the hospital in the nick of time, and Alex had been moments away from serious trouble.

Afterward, with Alex back in my clutches, I realized that if anything had happened, the things I would miss most would not be splurgy dinners or weekend getaways, but the little things. Who would care enough to put on my sock? And so tenderly? And not find it annoying that I didn’t do it myself? There’s something so heartbreakingly sweet about that act. Those little things are what a marriage is all about, it brings tears to my eyes.
(I told you I was schmoopy.)

P.S. A surprising marriage tip.

(Photo from our friends’ wedding last summer)

  1. YES! It’s those little things that really mean so much. I’m glad he’s feeling better.

  2. i am not pregnant or hormonal but this brought tears to my eyes. i agree 100%. meh

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  4. This is so very sweet. And I couldn’t agree more. Marriage is all about those small, but very important moments where we love selflessly.

  5. I’d say schmoopy after that close call is more than ok. oh thank God he’s ok. That is very very sweet. You know…we’ve been having a hard time with our marriage since the arrival of the second. And of course it’s not her fault it’s just the juggle got tougher. But reading your story made me think about my hubby in a different way and think about our marriage in a different way. Thank you.

  6. Marriage is the formal union of a man and a woman, typically recognized by law, by which they become husband and wife.

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  7. Oh my, what a relief he is ok… It’s a good thing to be shmoopy from time to time!

  8. So sweet, and so true. I don’t know what I’d do without my man. I love it when he grabs a blanket for me when I’m cold, and tucks me in on the couch:)

  9. This is so cute! I’ve been married all of three months and I can already relate to this :-)

  10. I am definitely not pregnant… and this still made me teary eyed!

  11. Perfect. And just the way I feel about my gorgeous husband.

  12. I know this post wasn’t intended to make me jealous, but I totally am. You are so lucky to have a man you love so much and who loves you so much as well. It’s definitely about the little things

  13. Likely my favorite post of yours ever. Such a sweet, important dose of perspective—and something I look so forward to :)

  14. What a scary moment, glad he’s okay. This is true, this is the best part of marriage, the little things that only you know and can appreciate.

  15. So absolutely sweet and true. I’m getting married next Saturday and this was such a nice thing to read today. Thank you. xo

  16. aw says...

    I am almost 34 and my husband and I have been trying to get pregnant for two years. I was on clomid two months ago and had what my doctor’s thought were ruptured cysts. It was actually a ruptured appendix. I lived with it for a week before having emergency surgery and ending up in an ICU for a week. They were unable to close my abdomen for 5 days and I had multiple surgeries. I don’t remember anything during this week. I woke up a week later and spent the next two months recovering. All I can think about is my poor husband having to live through the ordeal without me. When I woke up after a week and spent an additional week in the hospital all I wanted was to be sitting on my couch, with my husband and two French bulldogs, watching our favorite shows. It really is the little things.

  17. omgosh I’m glad he’s okay! that’s scary, way pregnant or not!
    love your blog, its one i consistently read and i think is consistently authentic.

  18. omgosh I’m glad he’s okay! that’s scary, way pregnant or not!
    love your blog, its one i consistently read and i think is consistently authentic.

  19. :'( I’m not even pregnant and this made me tear up! hehe

  20. This is so sweet!

  21. I forget to take my gummy prenatal vitamins quite often. My husband, who was on the verge of sleep or had just fallen asleep, will get out of bed to go get them for me and then practically put them in my mouth. I understand.

  22. not schmoopy at all! my boyfriend makes me a tea most nights, after dinner when I’m snuggled up on the couch and could easily make it myself. and it’s so nice :)

  23. So happy he’s alright.
    Lovely post.
    I fell asleep in a big favourite chair the other afternoon and when I woke up there was a warm quilt over me. You guessed it… my husband. They are wonderful sometimes, aren’t they?

  24. Thank you for that! I needed this kind of a reminder. I’m in the middle of cutting back on breastfeeding and my hormones are making me crazy, really crazy. I will try my hardest to remember this story so I don’t yell at my husband for the dumbest things anymore. Thank you! I need this!

  25. This. So very true. I find myself taking my husband for granted, and I really am trying hard not to do that.

    The way he gently grabs my hand no matter where we are or what we are doing and gives it a reassuring squeeze, that is him in a nutshell.

    I am so happy Alex is ok.

  26. so sweet- and very true! And I’m glad Alex is ok!

  27. This is lovely, beautiful and so so moving. I’m feeling rather blubbery… you and Alex have such a beautiful marriage. What a wonderful gift that is to give each other and to give to your kids! SO glad to hear that Alex is doing ok.

  28. This is the most adorable thing I’ve ever read.

  29. Aww I’m not pregnant at all and the sock almost made me cry… I know exactly what you mean.

    (So glad Alex is okay!!)

  30. thanks for sharing!! How scary those moments must have been!! It’s good to be reminded to be thankful for the little things and the ones we love the most. It’s okay to be a bit schmoopy sometimes ;)

  31. I loved this post! It reminds me so much of my Scott, he’s always doing sweet little things like that. How’d we get to be so lucky?!

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  33. This post really touched me today, Joanna. My young, fit, strong husband was diagnosed with an advanced, aggressive cancer one month ago. He’s lost all his muscle and energy as he fights for his life. I miss so much about our life. One of the things I miss the most is something I’d never noticed before. Every morning, when we’re both waking up, he used to roll over and wrap an arm around me. I miss that so much.

  34. Your post made me tear up, as well as reading the comments of your readers. It makes me all the more eager to marry my fiance next month. I hope we continue to do sweet little things for one another for the rest of our days.

  35. This is beautiful. Thanks for sharing and I’m glad Alex is okay!

  36. I’m glad to hear Alex is okay. Such a cute story!

  37. …this is why i love your sweet blog.

  38. Aw geez Joanna, I’m not pregnant and you made me tear up a little :( I am so glad Alex is ok!!!

  39. *E says...

    A few months ago my husband and I got bad news about his health and we were faced with some tragic outlooks (we have since learned he is going to be OK.) One night I was commuting home from work on MUNI (we live in SF), and there he was waiting in the fog and mist at my bus stop with our happy little terrier to walk home together, as he does every night. I just burst into tears at the thought of them not being there! The little things TRULY are what make a marriage.

    • This is such a beautiful visual…I’m teary eyed! If I ever find a guy who meets me at the bus stop to walk me home, I’ll be the happiest girl in the world! (so glad that your husband is going to be ok)

  40. I too am 8,000 months pregnant or about, and this post got to me, too. My husband does little things for me, as well – gets up to get me juice, helps me off the couch, lets me put my cold toes between his calves in bed. He may say, “You need more juice already? Did you spill it or something?”, but that’s all that I hear. And he’s really just teasing me. It is the little things that mean the most – thanks for making us all think of those. And for the ladies (and gentleman) who haven’t found the one yet, a lot of little things are done by family and friends all the time, too. Just have to stop and think about it. And then hope you’re doing the same for others.

  41. When I was pregnant my husband would help me put my pants, socks & shoes on. Now, when I’m working out he’ll randomly stop by and give me a high five. It’s the little things in life and love. They can test our nerves sometimes but it seems like a lot of you ladies have lovely husbands!

  42. Pregnant too, and getting a little misty-eyed! This is my third pregnancy, and if I’ve learned anything about being pregnant, it’s that you are so VULNERABLE and NEEDY! I am grateful every day for a husband who navigates my endless needs and requests with grace and kindness. Mine makes me eggs every morning that he’s home so I will get my protein :)

  43. you guys are the cutest. i hope i’ll get to meet a guy someday who is as thoughtful as alex and can have a relationship as sweet as yours!

  44. My favorite post yet-it’s the little gestures of love that mean the most. Glad your husband is ok!!

  45. oh, love this! so sweet and so true. it’s the little things that add up to mean the most.

  46. Men get such a bad rep in the press and I too have been so lucky with my man. He’s a boyfriend at the moment, of many years standing and hopefully he’ll let me upgrade him to husband soon! I love him so much and can’t imagine life without him (to think I thought I was independent before I met him makes me laugh now!). Amyway, pregnant or not you are indeed one lucky girl and Alex is a lucky guy too. it’s so wonderful to meet someone so amazing and know we are truly blessed. Romance isn’t flowers once a week or even once in a while, it’s the small things or rather those that look small but are actually huge things x

  47. Oh I love it! Wonderful to read something so genuine and true. xo

  48. I loved that you said ‘schmoopy’! I LITERALLY just asked someone at work yesterday after they said ‘I love you’ on the phone to their husband ~ did you ever watch Seinfeld? Did you see the ‘schmoopy’ episode?

    Brilliant use of words. :) Being schmoopy is what it’s all about…

  49. Awwww! Don’t make ME cry too! Although there are a hundred little things my husband does too that I know I’d never find anyone else to take care of for me. It’s wonderful to have a good marriage. I’ll tell you that much.

  50. this just brought tears to my eyes too, and I’m not pregnant at all! glad that you are all ok.

  51. this is incredibly sweet Joanna!

  52. While I’m not married (yet) my beau and I have been together since we were 14 and I notice the most endearing things about him all the time. He has a way of making me laugh that no one else can and its the moments when I don’t want to laugh but needed it the most that makes me love him more and more.


  53. Aaawh – that was such a sweet post & you are so incredibly blessed with a loving & caring husband like Alex.

  54. Your story just encouraged me to send the schmoopiest text messages to my man, letting him know how much I love and appreciate him. Thank you for sharing!

  55. ditto! ditto! :) *

  56. I’m only about 4000 months pregnant, but this definitely made me teary. It’s definitely the little things that meant he most, and I was reminded of this when my husband was just recently gone for 2 nights. I thought about how often he gets me water so I don’t have to get out of bed and I had to put a pillow where he usually sleeps so it didn’t feel so empty.

  57. we had asthma flare ups at our house this week and I know how scary they are. breathing issues strike fear in my heart! glad he is okay. sweet post :)

  58. Loved this. The little things surely do conquer all. And that goes for with children too. There are many milestones, but I always seem to remember a quick little ordinary moment as something really special.

  59. This is so so sweet, Jo. All morning I kept refreshing my browser, thinking maybe you’d gone into labor! Sending you best wishes and hugs for that moment around the corner:) xo

  60. I’m not 8,0000 months pregnant and this still made me cry. Thanks for sharing!

  61. I know exactly what you mean about those sweet little moments. It’s not about how much he spends on jewelry or showers you with flowers, it’s those little things that make you feel special. Glad he is ok and taking good care of his uuber pregnant wife ;) A true love story.

  62. it’s been awhile since I visited your blog, and stumble with this. What a sweet declaration d’amour…

  63. So sweet, Joanna. I had a similar scare this week. My hubby got appendicitis and had to have an emergency appendectomy. Even though it’s a pretty “routine” procedure, it was scary to see him in so much pain and not know what was going on. So glad that Alex is okay! The waiting & feeling helpless is SO agonizing!! The whole experience totally made me reflect on my marriage and what life would be like without him. We are so blessed and you’re right, it definitely is the little things.

  64. I love this. :) Thanks for sharing. I’m in a long-distance relationship… I’m in MO and he in TX. So, we’ll get online and play games at the same time (because we can’t find any we can both play together…that are simple because he’s a gamer nerd and I…am not. :) ). I find it sweet when he stays behind on the level I’m on just in case I need help solving it. It may seem stupid to some people, but to me it’s just one of those things. :)

  65. I am not even pregnant and am still all teary. What a wonderful, beautiful sentiment. These things are important to see!

  66. My gosh, beautiful… no better words for the nuances and huge-tiny moments of love. Feel blessed; you certainly are.

  67. I’m NOT pregnant and tearing up at this <3

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  69. This is such a sweet post! My husband and I have been married for a little more than 5 months and dated 5 years before that. Thank you for reminding me that little things do matter so much in marriage.

  70. This is lovely as you are :-)

  71. This is so sweet and I love the schmoopyness of it all! My boyfriend and I are getting married in 2 months and he does the most wonderful little things everyday as well! Happy Alex is alright!

    I guess in the words of Deniece Williams ‘Let’s hear it for the boys!!’

  72. I love this. I’m getting married in October and these are the kinds of things I cherish about my relationship with my fiance and look forward to cherishing in our marriage. Thank you for sharing your schmoopyness, keep it coming.

  73. Ajjj…I meant ‘firescape’ :s muah!

  74. I’m not even pregnant and this made me cry.
    Now I feel bad for getting annoyed when my husband wants his back rubbed. LOL

  75. :) Dear Joanna, I have to confess something…About a year ago, for like 5 min I had doubts about moving in with my bf. That day, I read your fabulous post about you guys drinking wine by the firestairs. It was so providential and it helped me so much. I’ll always be grateful for that! :) Same for this post! I am so happy that Alex is ok now. Much love! xo

  76. Oh, this is so sweet! I wholeheartedly agree – after 10 years of marriage the things that mean the most are the little, seemingly mundane ones. I don’t think my husband knew what a back-rub addict I was when we married (my mom used to give me one every night growing up!), but even when he’s tired he gives me a back-rub as I fall asleep. That’s love :)

  77. This is a perfect post, Joanna! I had a little pit in my stomach when Alex was on his way to the hospital, and a little tear in my eye at the end. My husband is in the other room, teaching our three year old how to make a special cup of tea for me. And, he always brings me his wooly socks when he notices that my feet are cold. Doing these kind little services for each other and making each other laugh are such important parts of our happy marriage.

  78. Even though I’m not pregnant, it brought tears to my eyes. Also because I realized that after 15 years of marriage, my husband (who has lots of qualities nevertheless) would only do that for me once or twice and then get mad at me for not doing myself. Hmmm… It’s making me think that we have to start being nicer to one another, as we used to be in the early years of being married.
    Thanks a lot for the wake-up call…
    I’m glad Alex is okay, asthma is serious!

  79. I had a double mastectomy three days ago, my husband has been cleaning my drains and showered me last night and still looks at me lovingly. I think you have a keeper, I know I do.

  80. so sweet! best wishes to you guys!

  81. aww man. i got kinda googly eyed reading this. lovely.

  82. Aw, I love this! Totally true, and totally made me tear up. I also have bad circulation and always ask my husband to sit on my feet to keep them warm, and for socks at night. Now he usually keeps a pair in his bedside table lol!

  83. wonderful post, I love it. thank you.

  84. This is a really nice post. So glad Alex is okay!

  85. This seriously made my heart melt. I’m getting married next March and can’t wait to live with my future husband and be excited about the little things we’ll do for each other!

  86. Reading through these comments, I find myself connecting to each one you… asking for water, a sock, lotion, light off, ect.

    Cheers to the men in our lives that just do it! So much love!

    I didn’t realize how many tedious annoying things I ask for until now…

    (and man, are we sad sacks or what!)

    • I was thinking the same thing. It’s so intimate to hear about the little things in others’ relationships and the goofy things you all do with your significant others than most people would never know about. I love it!

  87. This is so sweet! Alex loves you very much. I’m glad he turned out to be ok. I had a dream just last night that my husband died, and I spent the rest of the dream-time crying. I held onto him very tightly when I woke up!

  88. Such a sweet and honest post. I love it. And couldn’t agree more with you!

  89. Lovely, lovely. I am certainly not pregnant – DH and I are in our 60s. My second, his third – last for both. It’s the little things that count…you are right. And…choosing (think about it) to ignore the annoying things that are really NOT important in favor of the lovely little things like you describe.

    THAT’S what really makes a marriage!

  90. This was beautiful. I just passed this link on to my husband. He is this kind of husband. Glad yours is okay, and thank you for sharing this with all of us.

  91. - says...

    I love this!
    I always try to reflect on the little things that mean the most, that’s what makes a relationship so great!
    I wish you all the best with the rest of your pregnancy :)

  92. But it’s so true! So sweet. I always found my husband’s willingness to just help in whatever way he can to be the most surprising trait in him, or in a man in general. I remember telling him that it meant so much to me how he’s always willing to help with what I need, big or small, and he said “Well I always want to because I really love you!”. Aw.

  93. Aw. I’m glad everything is okay.

    The cold foot thing is more likely a neuropathy, or nerve damage from the way Toby was sitting. It’s a fairly common, though seldom talked about side effect of pregnancy! Usually permanent, but sometimes it gets better over time. There are medications you can take for it, but honestly if it isn’t that bothersome, you’re better off just asking for a sock. It’s sweeter anyhow.

    Poor circulation would effect toe nail and hair growth on the affected foot.

  94. This is so adorably sweet and touching. The little things our husbands do! <3

  95. Perfect.

  96. This comment has been removed by the author.

  97. such a sweet post. and a great reminder. probably one of my top favorites ever.

  98. I’m hugely pregnant as well. My husband constantly asks me if I know how much he loves me. He rushes me water when I’m thirsty. He is amazing.

  99. This is a lovely vignette, Joanna. And – I’m so glad that Alex is OK and that you also take care of him a he takes care of you.


  100. So beautiful. And not at all too schmoopy! Very glad your hubby is safe and sound. :)

  101. Awww. So sweet. I’m often reminded that it is those little things that count the most! Glad Alex is okay!

  102. I’m not pregnant and this made me teary! It’s so true. There’s a common thinking that romantic gestures are all about fancy gifts and flowers, but the truth is that it’s the little things that really mean something. Those are the things that really show genuine love and care.

  103. Awww I almost started crying and I’m not even pregnant. Such a lovely schmoopy reminder

  104. This is so sweet and wonderful!

  105. K says...

    I just was thinking about this last night! Every time I ask my husband to do something really annoying because I’m pregnant and don’t feel like moving, he does it. I keep expecting him to say no, not because he’s not wonderful, but because I would be annoyed with me were the positions reversed. But he always gets me that glass of water, gets up to adjust the thermostat, turns off the overhead light because I don’t feel like sitting up, comes into the den just to help me get my big ol’ bottom off the couch, everything. He is so patient and loving. This post is perfect!

  106. Another 8,000 months pregnant woman, who’s schmoopy and married and has loved this post. My thing is he always brings me a glass of water before I fall asleep…

  107. Beautiful reminder to love the ones we are blessed to be wit…e*

  108. The littlest things in life, that often times can be overlooked, are truly the most precious gifts. This was very sweet and I’m so glad that Alex is okay!

  109. It’s so true! We’ve had a rough 6 months for a lot of reasons, but as I always tell my husband, as long as the two of us are okay, and we are, then we can make it through anything.
    He’s wound up having to call an ambulance in the middle of the night twice for me this year, terrifying us both, and having him sitting in the ER next to my bed, holding my hand, has been my sanity, my anchor. He is, without a doubt, the best thing that has ever happened to me, and I’m constantly wondering how I got so lucky.
    It really is the millions of little moments that just take your breath away.

  110. I’m not even pregnant and this brought a tear to my eye and gave me a lump in my throat. So sweet!! xx

  111. So sweet Joanna, hope Alex is doing ok now!:)

  112. Adorable, and also glad to hear he is OK. this is a great post to bring perspective once you’ve been in a relationship for a while… reminds you why you fell in love in the first place :) thanks for sharing :)

  113. this is one of my favorite posts you’ve ever written. so simple. so sweet. glad alex is okay. sorry that i can’t say the same for the vulture… haha

  114. I totally get it and I am fortunate enough to have one of those husbands too. Cherish it, every minute of it!

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  116. This is beautiful! Thank you for sharing. I have been hopelessly single and fiercely independent for three years, but I recently started dating someone special. After driving me home from our date last week, he offered to walk my dog with me. And this may sound incredibly simple, but on the walk he held my dog’s leash. It warmed my heart and I let out an (internal) sigh, thinking, wow, so I don’t have to do “this” (meaning pretty much everything) alone. It’s nice to be able to accept someone’s help.

  117. Aww, it brought tears to my eyes and I’m not pregnant! ;)

  118. Schmoopy is good…and endearing as heck.

  119. I recently read a book that mentioned the very same thing about when people suffer a loss of someone they love- when asked what they miss the most about that person, it’s not the extraordinary moments that that they desperately want back, but rather the more mundane, every day moments.
    Realizing and appreciating these moments when you have them, according to the author, is a key to happiness, and even makes you more resilient to suffering a loss, should that happen.
    That really stuck with me and I myself have caught myself basking in things that happen every day, especially with my partner but with friends as well. This totally reminds me of that!

    • Meredith, to you recall the name of the book? That sounds like something I’d love to read! :)

    • Me too! Also, I just love this post! So sweet.

    • Me too! I’d love to get the name of the book.

  120. This is so perfect. More people should recognize these sweet little things that make life so big.


    erica @ tinseltwine

  121. I got teary-eyed.

  122. I got teary-eyed.

  123. This was such a nice post. I’m sure Alex will love reading it. Glad to hear that he’s okay!

  124. It’s the little things that count. Alex sounds like a wonderful husband and father. I sure hope he’s feeling better. ~Jaqui

  125. Such a sweet post. I’m constantly hearing about how marriage and children are a burden and am so tired of the cynicism. Thanks for reminding us what a blessing it is to have someone to put our socks on for us or bring home half of their cheesecake when they go to a work lunch (what my husband did yesterday). I really appreciate your positive perspective on life and your dedication to your family.

  126. I’m not 8,000 months pregnant and that made me weepy! So beautiful and so true. I’ve just moved to Vancouver to be with my boyfriend and yesterday, watching him play basketball in the park, I had the most overwhelming love for him. Especially when he missed the basket – something about it was so goofy and vulnerable that it made my heart hurt. Sigh.

    • Similar thoughts, I will just say ditto Bea.

  127. I am with you! I always ask for a cup of water and my husband without complaint always goes downstairs to get me one.

  128. So happy to hear Alex was okay! I can’t imagine how scary that was for you. I agree it’s the little things that are most important. It took me time to learn that, but I’m so glad I have been able to grasp the true concept of love in my young adult life.

  129. Not pregnant but still getting verklempt! Whenever I get mad at my husband for not doing something I asked like placing the take out sushi order before I get home or hanging up my favorite black pencil skirt the wrong way for the 1,000th time I try and remember all the things he does do that I ask – like “passing” me a blanket from across the room or bringing me hot water with lemon first thing in the morning or going downstairs to turn on the light I forgot to turn off.

  130. After my husband and I got engaged, I moved from NYC to live with him in Ohio. Just weeks after my arrival, I needed back surgery. After surgery there was a 6-8 week recovery period where I was not to bend or twist. When Brian would come home from work he would pick up all the little things (pens, paper, the rogue cherry tomato) that I might accidentally drop throughout the day. For weeks he shaved my legs for me, and every night put these horrible compression socks on my feet. All without complaint. The whole experience really assured me that I had found a keeper.

  131. Beautiful and sweet post. Schmoopy yes, but also so very true.

  132. I don’t think this is schmoopy at all. It’s lovely, sweet and real. Thanks for sharing.

  133. I’m not married, but there’s this quote by Katharine Hepburn that I always think about when I think about marriage : “Love has nothing to do with what you are expecting to get – only with what you are expecting to give – which is everything.”

  134. Oh my word, I’m tearing up reading this. It’s such a lovely sentiment. The other night I woke up to nurse my 5 month old and after I put him back down, I realized I was wearing a pair of boxers that I definitely wasn’t wearing a few hours before when I fell asleep. In the morning I asked my husband about it, and he told me I woke up, rolled over and asked him if he could do me a favor and get me a pair of boxers. I vaguely remember dreaming that people were staying at my house and the t-shirt I was sleeping in wouldn’t be enough clothes if I were to run into one of them in the hallway.

    All that to say, my sweet husband got up out of bed in the middle of the night to rummage through my dresser to find me a pair of boxers, because I asked him to. He didn’t question my crazy reasoning. And you’re so right. That is love. Those are the things I’ll remember forever.

  135. My partner and I have been really into our slippers this last year. At a certain point in the evening, one of us will turn to the other and say “Slipper clubs?” and then go and get both our slippers from the bedroom. It’s my favourite and I can’t believe I just admitted that online!

    We get married in two weeks. I can’t wait.

    • That’s so sweet. I tried to get my husband slippers for Christmas and turns out he’s really picky, so he still doesn’t have any. If he did, though, I can see us doing this! Happy wedding :)

    • That’s exactly what I was going to say. I’m so excited to one day have this kind of experience with my person.

    • so so sweet!