At six weeks old, Toby isn’t sure how he feels about taking baths, but he loves his duck towel (and I love him in it). His other favorite things include foot massages, striped pillows and the British National Anthem.

  1. Anonymous says...
  2. Just gorgeous! I think he really looks like Wallace Shawn in the second picture :-)

  3. he is so precious. I love that he already has his “favorites” :)

  4. Anonymous says...

    i hear baby’s can tell the scent of their mamas. he can definitely tell when he is near you.

  5. “haha, chris, i sing it to him! my family is british, so i know a bunch of the verses. he loves it and stares right at me when i’m singing it. :)”


    Haha, that’s great! He must be infatuated with his mother’s voice. It makes a lot more sense that you’d be singing it to him, being british, rather then just playing the full orchestral version to him as I first imagined it. lol :P

  6. Absolutely adore the Toby posts.. I seriously look forward to these, please keep ’em coming.. It’s so beautiful to watch him grow.. I must say Maşallah..

  7. He is so adorable. I love his face in the first picture.

  8. He is just adorable, try to take as many photos as you can because they grow up so fast!

  9. Joanna…he is the cutest baby I have ever seen!! And I’m not a baby person! This little guy makes me like babies! haha

  10. Oh, this makes me miss when my little guy was tiny! They’re just so precious at that age! Of course, my three year old is still precious, just in a hyper kind of way…

  11. Nynke says...

    My mother tells me that if a baby doesn’t like a bath, you should wet a towel and put that on the bottom of the tub. That way they feel a surface and that makes them more comfortable. Maybe it’ll help.

  12. Very precious!!!

    I’m a little jealous about the animal towel… do they make those for big people? Hehe : ).

  13. aww toby is so precious and adorable! and that duck towel is too cute for words.

  14. I was having a bad day, and then I saw Toby in his duck robe. Thanks so much for making me smile!

  15. Awww Toby looks so adorable in his duck towel!!! Awwwww…

  16. he is TOOOO freaking cute! ^_^

  17. ohhh… he is sooo sweet! lovely pictures.

  18. Who DOESN’T love the British National Anthem?

    What a fantastic baby. =)

  19. I know all babies are cute, but seriously I think this is probably the cutest-blog-baby I’ve ever seen. His face is so expressive! congrats jo.

  20. My my, how adorable!

  21. british national anthem?! wild. he is so tiny

  22. he’s too cute!

    my son screamed during his first bath. it was quite hilarious actually. we’re laughing our butts off and he’s screaming in the photos….

    great shots.

  23. What a cute little duck!!

  24. thanks for all these lovely comments!!! and deanna, yes! coming up soon :) xoxo

  25. haha, chris, i sing it to him! my family is british, so i know a bunch of the verses. he loves it and stares right at me when i’m singing it. :)

  26. JESUS JOANNA! That duck towel photo just KILLED ME! xxooxxoxox

  27. joanna! he is so tiny and perfect:) so glad you are enjoying all of the small, amazing moments!

  28. Oh he is soooo precious :)

  29. Ahhh!! So cute, Jo! I just popped over to see how you were doing. I’m so impressed with how quickly you’ve bounced back into the swing of things. Devon was NOT a fan of bath time until maybe 3 months, and now she loves it. I think her frog towel definitely helped.

  30. O my god ! top cute i love toby in duck towel …… and baths i thought his joying a lot from his soft eye i found : ) a sweet short thanks your treasure sharing i can felt . lucky

  31. Cute ducky towel.

    And awesome that Toby is grabbing onto his English roots with the National Anthem!

  32. can i say “precious” on every single post lately??? beyond words… you will treasure that duck towel forever… even when he is all grown up… the memories will last forever… xoxo pam

  33. awhh! so so very cute!

    as a brit, i am pleased he enjoys our anthem :)

  34. He’s adorable! :)

  35. AWW!!! I love the duckie baby!! He is so adorable…and I just saw some of the other posts with his mommy and daddy with him! Congrats again! Beautiful mommy you are! ♥

  36. Sam loves his bath too. He is 7 weeks and has changed so much. I am on granny duty right now…he is sleeping and I am blogging. Next feed….midnight.

  37. Isn’t he just the sweetest? :)
    so cute!

  38. Good Lord he is so precious. My little boy has that same towel!

  39. so stinkin’ adorable!!

  40. Toby’s already a man of good taste! These are photos that he’ll enjoy chuckling about when he’s older… It’s wonderful that you can share them with all of us. Thanks!

  41. Precious!!!


  42. He’s perfection. That towel is out of control cuteness!

  43. Anonymous says...

    Toby in a duck towel is..just…too cute to be true.

    You and your husband are so damn lucky to have this little man, Joanna!

  44. awww….what an adorable little boy you have!!

  45. His expressions are so telling and adorable. That towel is too much – just darling.

  46. OJ says...

    he’s looking great! ps. our little one loves the Puj-Tub- it’s a hit!

  47. That is so cute he likes the British National Anthem! It’s in his blood!

  48. Alex and Jo – you have made an incredibly beautiful baby. He’s is stunning – petite and handsome. Congratulations!
    P.s. little boys are so much fun – you have so much to look forward to – cars, trucks, rocket ships…

  49. i just have to tell you… i have NEVER liked kids/babies/etc. and i am IN LOVE with your little dude.

    i’m pretty sure he is the only cute baby i have ever seen. every time you post a photo i just want to squeeze him – he’s adorable!

    good job! xxo.

  50. He is so precious! I love his towel and his silly face :)

  51. Ughhhh baby pictures are my weakness. Toby is so so precious

  52. Lofl…his face in that first picture! He’s like…”Ehh, I dunno about this Mom..”

  53. Adorable! I loved hooded towels as a kid, use to pretend they were my cape. lol. I must ask though, how did he come to hear the British National Anthem? Quite an interesting favorite thing for a 6wk old.

  54. That sink tub looks so smart for a newborn, wish I had one when my son was this little. Love Toby the little duckling :)

  55. hands down my favorite post of the week. toby is too freaking cute and his interests are downright darling!

  56. Oh my gosh towels with hoods are the best. I love his expression in that first picture!

  57. So cute! What do you like most about being a new mom? Thanks for the sharing your pictures!


  58. The towel is too cute!! Toby is so adorable!

  59. I have three kids, under the age of five. But every time I see Toby, ooohh! I want another one.

    I will not mention this to my husband, for fear he will make me quit reading your blog.

  60. He is such a little gem! Love him in his duck towel. A man after my own heart with his foot massage love…such an early starter!

    Carrie :)

  61. Joanna: would you consider doing a brief pregnancy survival guide post? Just some advice about things that helped you out during yours. You know, for the ladies like me who might be getting pregnant in the next couple of months and have mostly childless friends. If so, that would be awesome. And thanks in advance.

  62. Well, he is just too cute & it should be illegal. I see he already has been yellow-carded, so Red card!

    Feeling a tad tetchy about the English national anthem. But seeing as how Master Toby has some English blood in him (as well as Welsh), I’ll let it pass. This time:) I’d like read someday that he is learning the Welsh songs I sang every St. David’s Day in Pittsburgh. Yep. Well, the lad has time.

  63. Awe so precious!!!!! He is just beautiful!!

    I used to take baths with my daughters when they were still a baby – I ran some warm water and put towel on my lap and laid them on it face to face. Making funny faces and they went goo goo ga ga.. Good times, good times.

  64. that duck towel is so adorable! he is precious :)

  65. Anonymous says...

    He’s so cute!
    I wouldn’t mind at all if this blog is about Toby all day long!

  66. That duck towel is just too much!!!
    And, of course, Toby is cute as a button too! Aaahh, bathtime, what a sweet thing!

  67. Omgosh, the duck towel. SO cute.

  68. The expression on Toby’s face in the first picture is priceless!! He is soooo cute :-)

  69. What a little sweetheart. Looks like he loves to be all bundled up after bath time!

  70. He may not be sure about baths, but he seems to love the camera!! He’s adorable! Maybe you’ve got a little photographer on your hands! xoxo

  71. Oh my lord, that towel is the most gorgeous thing I’ve seen all morning.
    Is it sad that I’m in my 20’s and want one?

  72. The duck towel is so, so cute! : )

  73. So cute! He is so small and adorable in his duck towel.

  74. My neiece used to bathe in that tub. So convenient!

    Toby’s expression is too funny, “should I smile or should I cry?”

  75. so so adorable! love the duck towel! he looks awfully cute in it.

  76. Ah bliss. There is nothing cuter than a duck towel. Except when it’s Toby in a duck towel.

  77. so sweet!!! he’s adorable (I think I’ve said this like hundred times already, but I’ll never tire to say it again)

  78. What a sweetie! We still haven’t given up the lavender lotion. It keeps them baby fresh just a little while longer!

  79. thanks for these sweet comments! the sink bath is a Puj Tub — they are AMAZING!

  80. love those towels!

  81. Oh my goodness! Toby in that duck towel is one of the cutest pictures I’ve ever seen!

  82. He has such classy taste! :)

  83. Awww… so cute; and I need to get my nephew that duck towel.

  84. So stinkin’ cute! And what is that sink bath? I love that too!

  85. Foot massages – I love it. He will be joining you for day trips to the spa! :)

    He is so adorable!!!

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  87. what a cutie pie! Have you seen the frog towel? It’s green and pretty cute! :)

  88. You wouldn’t mind if I stole him from you right? Oh goodness he is too cute in his duck towel and he has very sophisticated interests already with foot massages and the British National Anthem.

  89. Absolutely adorable!! I love the duck towel!

  90. can’t…..stand….it….


    too too too precious!


  91. Awww…super cute! Now how did Toby let you know he likes the British National Anthem?

  92. He is the cutest old man… ummm baby…. I have EVER seen.

  93. In all honesty, he is one of the most adorable babies I have ever seen. So so so cute!

  94. Not only is your boy overly cute, but the little fella has good taste too. The British National Anthem is a top choice. God save our gracious queen!

    Toby love, am having a pint on you tonight at the pub, cheers!

  95. Your Toby pictures are giving me serious baby fever, Joanna! I love him in the duck towel too. He looks so cuddly.

  96. Anonymous says...

    o my Gahhh hes SOOOOOOOOOOO CUTE! look at his little fingers thhehehe…

  97. Wow what a mature little boy. Liking the British National Anthem! So cute :)

  98. awwww…he looks so comfy in that duck towel…Very comforting:) The little guy has a great sense of fashion already with the striped pillows:)
    Great photos, Joanna:)

  99. I want his lil duckie towel!!! Super cute!

  100. i love that puj baby tub. we took baby bath tub photos periodically until it was finally ridiculously too small.

  101. He couldn’t be cuter!!

  102. Toby in a duck towel is just about the cutest thing I’ve ever seen! :)

  103. Oh my heavens – he is too cute for words! Toby – I got to agree with you, striped pillows and anything European are the best. So happy for you both, Joanna and Alex.


  104. Aww I don’t blame him for liking that duck towel, it’s so cute. We had a tummy tub – one of those deep buckets – and it worked really well.

  105. If only we all could get foot massages in a duck towel! Lucky little guy…

  106. He is such a classy fellow already! : )

    i love him to pieces!


  107. Oh my, what a sweetie!

  108. I love his face in the first photo- the lovely confusion of everything being new.
    So cute.

  109. Oh, my goodness. I love reading/seeing these little tidbits about Toby. He is so precious! Also, I love that his little personality comes out in the photos too!

  110. Awwwww! Toby, I want a duck towel to wrap up in too!!! :-)) He looks so adorable!!!…P.S. I’m a fan of foot massages myself!!!

  111. I love this!! He is the cutest lil thing. My baby didn’t like baths when she was an infant.. now I can’t get her out of the tub!