How to look confident


Want to hear a fun fact? New York Magazine recently published 50 steps to simple happiness, and they offered this funny trick: If you leave your mouth in that slightly upturned position it takes after saying ‘Cheez Whiz,’ you’ll look relaxed and confident. Huh, who knew? Could be great if you were walking into an interview or feeling nervous at a party.

(Photos by Lucie Camp and Anna Melcon Bond)

  1. im going to be saying cheese whiz all day now!


  2. I can just see myself walking into an interview and instead of introducing myself, blurting out Cheez Whiz, lol.

  3. sometimes i force a little smile on my face. i like to think it makes me look like i have a happy little secret. ;)

  4. I will remember to say “cheez whiz” all day long tomorrow. Who knew!

  5. if you’re busy, you can just say whiz. Really busy: wiz.

  6. Cool suggestion.. I will practice this in my pictorials.

  7. love this tip! and the photos!

    eleanor at

  8. m says...

    nice trick :)

  9. I’m job hunting at the moment actually so thanks for the tip! Although I’ll have to remember to say it before I walk into the interviews and not as I get inside. tee hee.

  10. haha. nice trick but i’m not sure about it :)

  11. i like the last tip about the ‘cheez whiz.’ but i tried looking in the mirror and saying it (i know i’m a nerd :P), and i find myself looking awkward and uncomfortabl – maybe that’s my ‘relaxed and confident’ look? :D

    thanks for sharing :)

  12. Very interesting. Will try it!

  13. Excellent timing! I have an interview coming up. I’ll be saying cheez-wiz while I shop for a suit to wear. Beautiful pics as usual!

  14. i felt like such a nerd saying cheez wiz in my living room by myself hahaha

  15. I’ve tried this before and it definitely has helped me. Lovely photos!

  16. totally just tried it. beautiful pictures!

  17. Too cute. I said Cheez Whiz this afternoon, right before ordering my lunch at an uber hipster cafe. Worked like a charm! Thanks Joanna! :)

  18. i admit it: i tried it too, out loud, about 3 times while typing away here on Chuck (my trusty laptop!)

    huh. interesting.

  19. cheez whizzz!!!! LOL

    A Mexican chica living in Europe

  20. I had the tweety bird t-shirt that the kid is wearing in the first picture! what a blast from the past!

  21. Was this just a trick to make everyone stop taking themselves so serious?

    Good, it worked.

    Today’s lesson, all you need is a little cheese in your life.

  22. love this list, sounds like i really need to start getting massages. and i’m going to be saying “cheez whiz” all the time now.

  23. Cute fact!

    The thing that will get me smiling (just a little Cheez-Whizz smile) is thinking of everyone sitting at their computer saying “Cheez Whizz”. chuckle!

  24. bill clinton always has that mouth!!! not many more confident than him!

    good tip!


  25. I’m always trying to remind myself to smile. Now I can just say Cheez Whiz!

  26. From now on, I am going to say “Cheez Whiz” before every interview!!


  27. i just tried it too, haha:) thanks for the tip. love that retro photograph in the bathing suits! xo

  28. My mouth is naturally very similar to that, and I always get told I look a little smug, or like I have a joke on everyone. Gotta be cautious with it…

  29. Fun tip! I just did it a bunch of times and I think I just end up looking….weird? I don’t think I’m doing it right. My mouth doesn’t so much have a slightly upward thing happening as much as a to the side awkward smile sort of situation. Hmm.

  30. I totally just said “Cheez Whiz” about 5 times. It makes me feel as if I am smiling nervously if I hold though. No?

  31. Love little random pieces of great advice like this!

  32. Great tip! and fun to say, too!


  33. LOL! Great tip!

  34. I love this post!! I must read the article ;) I actually just bombed a job interview recently, so I will read this article before my next interview ;) Thank you!

  35. Interesting…I just tried it in the mirror and I only look confused. Ha ;)

  36. ha! that is so strange! im practicing now. i hope i remember to try it in public. cheeeese whizzz.

  37. This is just the tip I need for this week! Thank you Joanna!

  38. Great tip! I also love their swimsuits in the last photograph.

  39. Isn’t that expression just a half-baked smile?? I always heard to smile in such situations. And I’m sure they didn’t mean like a Cheshire Cat. ;o) Cheez Whizzzz

  40. Good to know! @Hollie- haha! I would totally do that.

  41. haha I hope I don’t blurt “cheese whiz” next time I’m in an awkward situation!

  42. Glad I’m not the only one…and hey, it works!

  43. haha, i know, you can’t help trying it! :)

  44. exactly what I need now. Thank you.

  45. I just did too. Thanks for the tip. I KNOW it will come in handy.

  46. maggie says...

    i tried it at my computer, LOL!